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The 6 Best Foam Rollers to Buy Online

18th December 2020

If you are in the market for a foam roller, but you are unsure about which you need then this is the right article for you.

Foam rollers come in all different shapes and sizes and designs. In this blog we look at a selection of rollers covering different prices, designs and functions. Whatever your foam rolling need, we have you covered.

All of the rollers are available to purchase quickly and easily online. This blog will run you through the features and what they are best for.

If you have read our previous blog on foam rolling then you know all about the benefits of this type of self-treatment:


  • Improve circulation
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Treat Scar tissue and Trigger Points
  • Reduce pain and soreness
  • Warm and Cool Down


Take a look below and find the right roller for you.


Fit Nation Foam Roller


This roller is what we would class as your average, typical foam roller design, it is described online as:

“Fit Nation Foam Roller Fit Nation Foam Roller for Muscle Massage with Exercise Book, Ultra Lightweight Hollow Core Muscle Roller for Deep Pain Relief in Your Aching Legs and Body. Ideal for Runner Cyclist Footballer Athlete.”

The roller is of average roller length making it easily transportable so you can take it places easily. It has a firm foam covering with a varied design. This type of design allows for a variety of different pressures to be applied to the soft tissues of their body.

Some rollers just have a smooth surface but the ones with a varied foam design allow for deeper massage of the soft tissues and for greater effect. This roller, as advertised is great for extremely active people looking to get a deep massaging effect in to their muscles.

There are 6 different colours available in this roller and with a price point of around £16 this is at the lower end of the spectrum meaning great value for, money with a roller that is of excellent quality and fir for task.

This roller is excellent for the everyday athlete / active hobbyist who is taking care of their body maintenance and looking to improve their soft tissues and mobility whilst aiding their performance.


Maximo Fitness Superior Foam Roller


This foam roller is one of the simplest designs available to buy. Most foam rollers started like this one and this type of design has remained a staple on the market.

Described online as:

“Perfect Self Massage tool for Home, Gym, Pilates, Yoga”

This is a great tool for all of the above. This roller has a much simpler, even, one surface design. This allows for a more gentle massaging effect without the harshness of some of the more varied surface rollers.

This design is great for yoga and Pilates as it can be used to assist exercises that you perform during these activities. Other things which are similar are yoga blocks. Using a roller however means you can kill two birds with one stone.

Using a roller prior to exercises such as yoga, Pilates and home workouts can help to warm up soft tissues and improve your mobility.

This roller is described as medium density and of lightweight. The firmness of this is more forgiving than other harder rollers and its lightweight nature allows it to be carried easily.

If you are looking for a roller to get started – this is a great starter option, not too complicated and does what it says! The material is easily wiped and able to clean if multiple people are suing it.


HB Select Foam Roller


This is the best value package for a foam roller that we have seen yet. Not only do you get a foam roller but you also get other valuable mobility tools that come with it.

The price of the roller comes in at £19! For this price you get:

“Foam Roller 2 in 1 Muscle Massage Roller, 5 Piece Fitness Set for Deep Tissue Muscle Massage, Massage Stick Two Massage Balls & Stretching Strap”

This has to be one of the most complete mobility tool packages out there. The foam roller included in this has a firm design allowing for more intense massage to be performed. It has a varied surface which allows for deep tissue penetration.

Alongside the roller you have a handheld roller stick which helps you to massage the thighs with ease. On top of that there is a stretching strap and 2 mobility balls in different shapes which allows you to target the spine and glutes specifically.

If you are well versed in the foam roller game and are looking to improve your mobility and recovery then this is the choice you should make. Foam rolling obviously helps with recovery, mobility and preparation but it also has an increased effect when combining with stretching.

A foam roller plus 4 mobility tools all for less than £20 is by far the best value foam roller online that we have seen – this is highly recommended. This roller package is a complete package that allows you to cover all possible options for your self-maintenance.

The selection of different tools you get allows you to target all areas of their body with different self-treatments. If you have a specific goal in mind such as improving your overall flexibility – this is the roller set we would recommend.

Keeping this kit at home for self-maintenance sessions would be an ideal use. Alternatively if you are recovering from an injury or dealing with a heavy workload then this is the complete recovery set.


Physique Roller


This next roller is very specific. This roller is a half foam roller designed specifically for lower back and the upper back.

Unlike normal rollers it is not round, it is halved and resembles a speed bump on a road. Its design is of soft to medium firm foam and allows for people to improve their back pain.

Desk, home, office based workers can suffer terribly from upper and lower back pain due to poor posture and prolonged working times. This allows you to solve that problem and work on your posture and pain.

This foam roller works to help you extend your back over and gain movement in to your spine and also to release the soft tissues. This roller will help you to improve extension within the small joints of the spine and help to reduce pressure on spinal discs which is caused by prolonged episodes of poor posture.

So if you have lower back pain or find yourself doing excessive amounts of sitting or driving – choose this roller to add in to your maintenance routine. For less than £13 it will be a great investment in your health.

Consider this roller if you have persistent lower back pain or have stiffness of the spine which is related to sitting for long periods. Extension is a movement which we tend not to do a lot of due to our modern day lives, but it is essential that we move our bodies to the fullest of their abilities on a regular basis. Remaining in poor postural habits and not getting enough variety for our body’s causes breakdown.

This roller is highly recommended for helping you keep on top of any spinal pain which may develop!


HCFGS Foam Roller


This roller is for the hard-core out there!

The design of this foam roller is firm in nature and will be more intense when rolling upon it. It is designed to help relieve trigger point pain and soreness.

The shape of the roller has large, pointed triangles of foam which are more plastic like in nature. This roller is for the people that like a more intense, painful type of roll.

Trigger points are dense bundles of muscle which cause pain, shorten muscle length and can cause dysfunction. Intense pressure to them with a roller or other tools often helps to reduce the symptoms experienced by them and to improve your function. Aside from trigger points, the design of this allows for greater soft tissue release and improving flexibility. Management of scar tissue following injury is also another great benefit of this type of roller allowing for deep penetration helping to break down the tissue and helping it to remodel back into functional tissue.

This roller is dense and has a reported weight limit of 500 pounds so it is built to last and good value for money. Some foam rollers with a softer density can wear down over time and need to be replaced. Rollers such as this one have more durability and will last for a longer period typically.

Consider this roller if you are a bit more experienced or you have persistent trigger points which need addressing. Choose this one if you just like the pain of foam rolling…


Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller


This roller differs to all of the other rollers and features a vibrating function. This is the next generation of foam roller which have now added the self-massaging function within the roller to help assist the original function.

The aim of having a vibrating roller is to increase the effect of your foam roller and to stimulate the soft tissues with even more intensity. The manufacturers claim that this can help to reduce your soreness, target muscle tightness and also improve lymphatic drainage due to the vibration.

The roller comes with a carry bag for transporting to different places and comes with a 2 year guarantee. The price point on this roller is obviously more but undoubtedly offers value for money as it is a clear upgrade from a standard roller.


Here are some of the features of this roller:


  • 4 SPEEDS OF INTENSITY! More than a traditional foam roller! Get the bonus quick hit with vibration!
  • RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM ION BATTERIES AND CHARGER. Charge your roller with the charger provided and take it anywhere to roll on the go!
  • TRAINING DVD, ONLINE ACCESS AND EXERCISE POSTER PROVIDED. The exercises are suitable from first time rollers all the way to professional athletes!
  • MULTI-SURFACED. The clever design mimics fingers, thumbs and palms of a masseuse, making it a roller that can be used on nearly all areas of the body.
  • MEDIUM / FIRM DENSITY. Firm enough to give great results, yet soft enough to allow you to enjoy using it!


Choose this roller if you are serious about your fitness and want to upgrade from your usual roller. It really is like getting a massage. Spending money on this roller could save money by helping you to maintain your body better.

We hope that our guide to the best foam rollers has been helpful. There are many different types and all do different jobs. If you have found this guide helpful then please share it with people you think it could benefit.

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