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6 Difficult Conditions Physios Face

18th December 2020

Hi there, Art here, and welcome to my Blog!


Remember what I said in my last Blog?


Yes, the hamstrings! You cannot continue to run when you pull a hammy!

Even walking & striding is painful and remember this, do not stretch those hamstrings too soon, why? Because you may cause more bleed & that will not aid your recovery.




How did you do with my balance challenge in blog 1? Did you achieve 10 seconds did you achieve 20 seconds? If you did that is an excellent score well done keep practising, I say!

Let us move onto the next balance challenge are you ready for this?




Standing feet hip width apart lift one leg off the floor at 90° with your foot hanging down. Hold that position for 20 seconds placed the foot down and go for 20 seconds with the other leg!

As I have been a sportsman for many a year, I have had my fair share of injuries conditions and problems.

My first serious injury was where I swam into the poolside of what is called a deck level pool and I hit my jaw on the side resulting in the loss of three lower teeth. I have also had a pulled hamstring planter fasciitis tennis elbow back pain with and without sciatica I also suffered and acromioclavicular joint sprain from judo.

The reason I have chosen these six conditions or problems is because most of the time they just happen without injury or trauma and seem resilient to all kinds of treatment.






The body does some amazing things to keep us alive and well and you will be surprised that unfortunately it sometimes lets us down! And you ask yourself how can this be?

I am going to list these conditions or problems that people must live with for weeks, sometimes months and even years.

My number one condition or problem that I treat or advise daily is that of low back pain with or without sciatic pain.

Rarely is low back pain serious most low back pain is caused from poor posture weak or strained muscles in the back. Most low back pain is called non-specific because there is no injury or specific cause. Some call it mechanical low back pain because it involves structures around the joints of the back. Sciatica is where the sciatic nerve gets irritated and this gives you pain in the buttock the back of the leg the calf and even as far down as the ankle.

My number 2 condition or problem that is difficult to treat and treat successfully is a frozen shoulder. Unfortunately, it affects females more than males between the ages of 40 and 60 and your 10% more likely to develop a frozen shoulder if you are diabetic. This conditional problem can last for up to 18 months to two years and it goes in three stages the freezing stage the frozen stage and the throwing stage these different stages can last six months at a time. Sometimes these stages can be shorter or longer.

Onto my number 3 condition or problem planter fasciitis or policeman’s heel planter fasciitis can be extremely painful especially first thing in the morning like getting out of bed and putting your foot flat on the floor for the first time it can be like walking on broken glass I know I have had plant fasciitis. It may take all day and when you sit down and take the pressure off the foot and then go to get up again this can be extremely uncomfortable and painful.

Patella femoral pain is my #4 condition or problem that I consider difficult to treat and treat successfully. This is because it can be a mechanical problem in or around the knee but can also be caused buy back hip or foot problems all must be ruled out as to the cause of Patella femoral pain.

My 5th and 6th conditions or problems that are difficult to treat and treat successfully or tennis elbow and golfers elbow the medical terminology for these two conditions is lateral epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis.

Also, I have treated lots and lots of people that have developed golfers’ elbow or tennis elbow and I have never seen it a Golf Club or racket.

In the coming weeks I will try my best to explain the conditions or problems in more detail and give you some hints tips and advice on how best to go about attempting to ease your pain resolve the problem and get you back to full fitness and health as quickly as possible

Remember though stay safe, be well, best wishes see you again soon!

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