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Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

So, what exactly do we mean when we say “Unlock Your Hip Flexors”?

For some, it would allude to the act of increasing flexibility and mitigating tension in the area of the hips. But, what if we told you that this isn’t the case? What if we told you that this is a revolutionary program that can turn your life around for the better?

In reality, Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a novel and unique approach towards enhancing your natural ability and physical wellbeing. This program has become available online and it will help you tremendously in so many ways. For one, it will allow you to liberate and release your hip flexors. It will also allow you to reduce obesity and start looking more slim and fit. You will sleep more soundly and oh yes; your sex life will also improve considerably.

The effectiveness of Unlock Your Hip Flexors has been a topic of hot discussion as of late. Some consider it to be a hoax, but the myriad of satisfied customers and glowing online reviews tend to disagree. The program has been gaining popularity gradually and steadily for quite a while now. It doesn’t take an exceptionally brilliant mind to deduce that they might be doing something right.

So, are you intrigued yet? Want to know more about what this program evinces and what it can do for you? Well then read on friend as we will try to bring to you an objective, unbiased and detailed review of “Unlock Your Hip Flexors”. Perhaps it will end up motivating you to try it out:


What is Unlock Your Hip Flexors?


The program is an online regimen that is created to assist people to tighten their hip flexors. This is done through a special technique, unique to the program, which entails in salubrious ramifications for your entire body.

This program puts special emphasis on the hip area of your body. The reason for this focus lies in the fact that hips are extremely important and are responsible for the majority of your body’s movements. Walking, dancing, jumping, twisting, stretching, etc. are all examples of everyday movements that require input from your hips as well.

If your hip flexors were to develop some predicaments like stiffening then it can spell certain damage for your body. You end up becoming lethargic and less active which culminates in problems like obesity and joint pain in your body. Now, this is something that I am sure none of you will like. Your physical ability takes a literal nose dive and then its hello to expensive doctor bills and medical treatments which frankly lead nowhere. Wouldn’t you want to do everything possible for avoiding such a grisly fate? The answer lies in your hips and the endeavor of strengthening them.


Problems with Hip flexors


Problems with your Hip flexors can result in many adverse and unwanted conditions. These can spell doom for your health and mobility. Some of these problems are:

  • Higher levels of anxiety
  • Loss of or problems in sleeping
  • Issues with your digestive system
  • Deterioration of sexual performance
  • The sluggish and generally lethargic reaction of the body
  • Weakened immune system


If you are unsure or ambiguous about the means for achieving this outcome then that is where this program comes in. It is what you need for overcoming all problems that are related to your hips. You will end up feeling stronger, agile, and able with this program. Not to mention, it will also enable you to overcome and ameliorate the adverse effects that you might be experiencing from stiff hip flexors.


Creators of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program


The program and its latent potential were felt by national best-selling author in the field of Fitness, Mike Westerdal when he came across Rick Kaselj, a prominent injury expert. He was fascinated by the effectiveness with which Kaselj managed to rid Westerdal’s wife of chronic hip pain. Rick Kaselj managed to unlock her hip flexors in about 15 minutes.

This is what drove Westerdal to collaborate with Rick and making this program known to the whole world. They combined their resources and intellects to produce this program and its evinced exercises that held the promise of ridding people of pain and discomfort. Suffice to say, their efforts paid off, and “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” became a reality. The pair has also produced some other great projects as well like the Fix your Head Posture Program.

The authors emphasize that all of the benefits of Unlock Your Hip Flexors are dependent upon the Psoas Muscle, a muscle that is a part of your Hip Flexor. On a more precise note, it is the tightness in the Psoas Muscle that leads to all of the problems that your body encounters due to malfunctioning Hip flexors. By learning to release and improve the Psoas muscle, a person can easily rid himself of all pain and discomfort quite easily.


Techniques of Unlock Your Hip Flexors


The program includes certain exercises and techniques that allow users to attain the desired results efficiently and effectively. These techniques form the core of the whole program and we are mentioning them for your information:


1.     PNR Stretching:

This refers to the Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching methods. These are designed to relieve tension from the muscles that surround a joint.


2.     Dynamic Stretching:

This stretching is the opposite of static stretching and allows users to increase the range of movement of a muscle effectively. These exercises reinforce circulation and movement of a joint and will leave you feeling more potent and strong.


3.     3-Dimensional Core Stability Exercises:

If you want to enhance the strength, activating rate, and durability of muscles within all of your body then these exercises are vital for achieving these ends.


4.     Mobility Techniques:

These exercises improve the rate of stretching and operating muscles at a rate that many consider optimal.


5.     Fascia Stretching Exercises:

These exercises loosen and increase the length of fascia tissue that surrounds muscles.


6.     Movement Activation Exercises:

You can enhance the movement rate of your body with these exercises as they activate specific muscles that are vital to this goal.


Now, all of these exercises work in tandem to improve and tone your body in a manner that makes it more responsive and stronger. These activities might not seem much but if done in the right manner and the right order, they manage to release your hip flexors and strengthen your muscles. The effectiveness of these exercises has been tested by numerous experts and they endorse them as well. You should try them out by yourself and see what you have been missing out on a firsthand basis as well.


Unlock Your Hip Flexors Package


You should know that Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a digital product which means, you can start immediately after purchasing it. There are no physical contents, as all you require can be found in the online package itself. As to what you get with the package, the contents are as following:


  • A detailed manual that explains the process of 10 steps of the program and detailed accounts of all the exercises
  • A DVD video of Rick Kaselj where he demonstrates how the exercises need to be done
  • The other half of the DVD Video contains a follow-along routine as well
  • You get a DVD Video and digital Manual about the Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings program as a bonus
  • You also get a manual about Anti-Inflammatory Diet plans as a bonus as well


The best thing about being digital is that one can download this program on any device of your choosing. It can be your smartphone, your laptop, your tablet, and even your Desktop PC. Another thing that you will like about the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is that it offers a sweet 60- day money-back guarantee as well. This means, you can opt to get your money back if the results don’t satisfy you. Talk about convenience right?


Benefits of Unlock Your Hip Flexors


We know that this program allows you to rid yourself of pain and discomfort in the hip region. The hip flexors are vital to the body’s effective movement and this program targets that region. However, there are plenty of additional benefits to garner when you opt for this program. These advantages are what lend Unlock Your Hip Flexors a level of significance and prominence. These benefits can be the motivators that you might need for using this program. So, without further ado, let’s dive into these benefits shall we:


  • You will be able to completely rid yourself of pain in your joints and back with the Unlock Your Hip Flexors workout. You will feel more confident, capable, and relaxed after this program.


  • Feeling tired and drained all the time? Well, with this program you will be able to effectively boost up your energy levels to monumental levels.


  • Are tiredness and joint pain getting in the way of your leading a fulfilling and enjoyable sex life? You will be able to rid yourself of bodily pain and discomfort with this program and in doing so will boost your sex life for the better.


  • Obesity is one of the most dreaded and unwanted developments that your body can undergo. Who doesn’t want to rid their bellies of excess fat? The answer to this problem lies with the Unlock Your Hip Flexors as it will allow you to alleviate the level of fat of on your belly in an expedient and effective manner.


  • A stronger immune system is what we all covet and you too can get one if you use this program and its entailed exercises.


  • Circulation is vital to a sound and strong body. You can improve this circulation profoundly by using this program in a regular and consistent manner


Is it a Scam?


For all the good things that some might say about a product, there must also be many naysayers as well whose basic aim is to bash the product in question. The same applies to this case as well. So, is Unlock Your Hip Flexors merely a scam, a nefarious plot intended for robbing you of your hard-earned cash and credit card details? Let us assure you that this isn’t the case at all. The purveyors of this product are trustworthy and genuine. You get what you want, albeit after much perusing and clicking to be frank. But you get what you want and that is all you need to know. is the payment processor from where you purchase your program and they are a reliable bunch indeed. Suffice to say, Unlock Your Hip Flexors is not a hoax at all. You can purchase it at your leisure and convenience without any trepidation or doubt.


Our Take


Well, if you ask us to suggest this program to someone then our answer would be a profound and resounding “Yes!”. That is because this is a fantastic program that manages to do the job in a prolific and eminently effective manner. You can’t go wrong if you use this program and the money-back guarantee further increases the overall appeal as well. You might have tried going to the gym, attempted to execute complicated and difficult exercises at home but to no avail. Well, with the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, you can reduce all your problems. That too in an affordable and highly workable package.

The best part is, highly qualified and trained professionals manage and produce it, people who know what they are doing. You have got nothing to lose with this program. So, we suggest you give it a try and see firsthand the awesome benefits it can generate for you!

3rd December 2020

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