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Unlock Your Glutes Review

What would you say is your biggest asset?

Your professional skills?

How about your biggest physical asset?

Maybe your house?

And what would you say is your biggest muscular asset?

No, fellas, this isn’t an excuse for a creepy pick up line (you should know by now that that never works!).

What muscle is it that keeps you up walking around all day and tirelessly supports your whole body?

Ah, yes, your quads? Wrong!

In fact, your biggest muscular asset is that fine thing behind you that you sit on all day – your bum.


What Did You Call Me?


Otherwise known as your glutes, these muscles are the largest and strongest muscles we have. Unfortunately, in today’s society, all the sitting around working on computers or watching TV that accompanies most of our daily lives can negatively affect these muscles.

While you’re sitting down you are quite literally sitting on your most powerful muscle and this added pressure restricts blood flow and can lead to them being incredibly tight.

How can you expect to get any attention for your biggest asset when you neglect this prize so much?

One of the reasons we don’t ever think about the glutes or neglect to specifically train them is that our knowledge about them is often limited.

Let’s start with a simple one. Why are the glutes called the glutes?

(Hint: there’s an extra “s” on the end of glutes.)

Because there’s more than one? Fantastic. You pass. But if you said because there are two of them, I’m afraid you only get a C grade.

Just because you have two peachy cheeks down there doesn’t mean there’s only 2 muscles under the skin. Your glutes are actually made up of 3 different pairs of muscles that all contribute to the strength and shaping of your behind.


Stop Bumming Me Out


What’s the big deal, right? So your ass might be a little flat right now, all you have to do is hop up and then squat right down again, repeat until you feel the burn and those glutes will soon become firm and shapely.

Well, this is where Brian Klepacki would disagree.

Otherwise known as “Coach Brian”, this dude is what many consider the leading authority on that wagon you’re draggin’.

In more official terms his full name is:

“Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS, FMS, CISSN”

Translated into English, Brian has a Master’s in Exercise Science, is a Functional Movement Specialist and has spent over 16 years studying and working with the latest developments within exercise science.

What does he have to tell you? It’s time to wake your sleeping giant.


Unlock Your Glutes


Unlock Your Glutes” is a 4-week program designed by Coach Brian to help you unlock the potential of your glutes, improve their strength and sculpt them into a asset to be proud of.

With our now “normal” sedentary life, weaker glutes can lead to a host of problems such as pain in your back, knees, hips and ankles, muscular strains all over your lower body, poor posture and athletic performance and the dreaded “Flat Butt Syndrome”.

That’s not a pretty list. You may think it’s time to get back on the squats, deadlifts and lunges, but while these are staples in a solid lower body workout routine; they don’t actually directly stimulate your glutes.

You might have a sore ass after a heavy workout but this is only because your glutes are used as stablising muscles for these exercises that actually directly target your legs and back.

Brian has designed a program with “Unlock Your Glutes” to help kick your butt in a way that you will have never felt before, all with just 2 15-minute workouts a week!

Targeting your biggest muscle means you’ll need more energy to recover, which means more fat burning potential, which means you’ll get a sculpted butt with a little off the waist as an added extra.


Stop BUTTering Me Up


Yes it’s another exercise program and yes you have to put in the work yourself if you want to see any real results, but Coach Brian has a new approach for your booty (that doesn’t involve buying you a drink).

Say hello to the GM3 method.

What does “GM” stand for?

Glossy Marketing? Genuine Magic? Give (me your) Money? Brian’s not that kind of guy. He’s a science guy.

“GM” likely stands for the names of all of your muscles living in your bottom:


  • Gluteus Maximus (no, not Russell Crowe’s character in gladiator)
  • Gluteus Medius
  • Gluteus Minimus


While you’ve likely heard of the first, the additional training Brian provides for the latter two is just one of the reasons “Unlock Your Glutes” has been so successful with his thousands of clients.

The “3” represents the number of key principles that Brian uses to coach you towards the ass of your dreams:


  • Wake Up, Prime and Activate your Glutes: The introduction to the three planes of movement you need to fully strengthen your glutes, which are vertical, horizontal and rotational (most of the gym movements we are used to only work along the vertical axis).


  • Release Inhibiting Muscle: this is where you focus on stretching your hip flexors (which are 9 times out of 10 much tighter than you would imagine), which then opens up the potential of our glutes.


  • Exercises to Build Strength: put together in a package of 36 different exercises (just for your butt!)


  • These exercises target your behind with laser precision. But don’t let the numbers overwhelm you; it’s still just 2 15-minute exercises a week!


 A Deeper Workout


Although there are so many exercises that Brian provides you with, this isn’t just a compilation of exercises you could put together yourself after a couple of hours on Google (unless you found this program as a result).

Coach Brian has specifically designed the exercises in “Unlock Your Glutes” with 6 techniques in mind to give you a holistic workout and get you the results you want. These include:


  • Restorative Lengthening
  • Neuro-Muscular Activation
  • Spine Protecting Movement
  • EMG Muscle Recruitment
  • Iso-Holds
  • Time Under Tension


Junk in the Trunk


The main components of this program are anything but junk. If you haven’t figured out by now, “Unlock Your Glutes” is packed full of scientifically researched and proven methods that are no BS.

With this program Coach Brian gives you two things:


(1) Unlock Your Glutes Manual


The book that lets you coach yourself, this manual contains all the theory, knowledge and expertise you need to easily follow the program and is broken down into 13 essential chapters:


  1. Meet Your Glutes – It’s important to learn about what your glutes are before you begin to work on them.
  2. Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Glutes – A deeper look into the three separate muscles that make up your glutes and how they function.
  3. The Sleeping Giant – The activation technique Brian uses to “wake up” your glutes pre-workout.
  4. A Healthy Front = A Healthy Back – The positive effects that a healthy butt can have on the rest of your body (such as your back).
  5. Health Benefits of Strong Glutes – The problems that weak glutes can cause and the health benefits you gain through proper conditioning.
  6. The Posterior Powerhouse – Why the glutes are the driving force to improved athletic performance.
  7. Building a Bigger Stronger Booty – Exercises that shape and strengthen your peach.
  8. Burn Fat and Sculpt a Rounder Booty – Additional cardio-inducing exercises to help you burn fat.
  9. The Scientific Solution – The science behind getting a better behind.
  10. Program Overview and Parameters – An overview, including nutritional aspects that will help your progress.
  11. Final Thoughts About the System – The personal thoughts about the system from Coach Brian himself.
  12. Workout Charts – The crucial piece of the puzzle to keep you on track for achieving your goals.
  13. Exercise Definition and Pictures – A break down, in pictures, of all the 36 exercises you will be using throughout this program.


Needless to say, you will be a WAG by the time you’ve got through all this information (Wicked Ass Guru).


(2) Unlock Your Glutes Coaching Videos


This second part is essential and many of you might be breathing a sigh of relief after the information overload of, the chapter description.

Brian’s videos are easy to follow along, with clear descriptions and instructions of how to perfectly perform each exercise.

Many people have said that Brian’s calm and relaxed approach to coaching is refreshing and I imagine this would be a welcome relief from other high-octane workout leaders from loud programs such as “Insanity”.


But(t) There’s More


Included with this core duo, you also get 2 bonus extras when you buy “Unlock Your Glutes”.


Strong Leg Workouts


Here is something you might not have expected with a glutes-specific workout program. But fret not, you won’t be immobilized by the onslaught of workouts for your lower-body, because Brian has designed these leg workouts to NOT overlap with the “Unlock Your Glutes” program and help to increase the strength in your legs as well.


14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan


Now, as with all dietary plans with names like this, I tend to er on the side of caution and Brian is very open that this is not a long-term plan. Designed to kick-start your training and fat-loss this could or could not be a great extra.

Let me explain. If you want to see some tangible results fast then this could be great to get you on the road to a new body (and better booty). However, if you want to make sure you stick with a fitness program for longer than just the advertised 4 weeks (we all know we should, it’s a healthy lifestyle we’re aiming for, not a short sprint!) then I would advise taking some dietary tips from this bonus book but in way that will ensure you stay consistent to the program.




The price for this program seems to vary depending on where you look but the one consistent thing is that it is always under $20. Considering the knowledge and number of workouts you would gain just from reading the program, $20 is an incredibly reasonable price! Add to this that you get a 60-day money back guarantee and you can try the entire program twice and still get a full refund if your ass isn’t turning heads while you walk down the street.


More Butts or More Buts?


Things that are worth mentioning about “Unlock Your Glutes” include the fact that it is only available in digital format. This is not necessarily a problem for most but could potentially be for some.

As with all fitness programs it’s worth throwing in the disclaimer that “Unlock Your Glutes” will not work unless you do. But with only 30 minutes of commitment needed per week, this is an easy and affordable add-on to your lifestyle if you’re looking for that sweet ASSet.




Coach Brian has been trusted by thousands of people online and hundreds of 1-1 clients he’s trained in his personal Florida gym. On top of this, “Unlock Your Glutes” has over 341,000 likes on Facebook. Now, these numbers aren’t everything, but put them alongside the many positive reviews you can find for both Brian and his training, and they add up to one program you know you can trust if you’re looking for a stronger and more sculpted butt.

30th October 2020

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