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The End of Gout – Shelly Manning Review

You wake up Monday morning, always slightly too early for your liking, and head off for work. You don’t mind so much because you’re nearly there, the golden age of retirement, when you can sleep as long as you like and answer to no one.

To celebrate getting through the first day of the week you stop off for a few drinks on the way home.

Tuesday still feels just as early, but today you have lunch with your pal at your favorite burger joint and a few beers won’t hurt. It’s not like your boss would notice.

Wednesday, hump day! Dinner at home to celebrate with a nice bottle of wine between you and your partner. Lovely.

Thursday almost flies by and Friday is half as long thanks to the afternoon drinks your work always lays on.

Saturday your family comes over for a catch up (beers all around!) and Sunday you take a lazy walk to a nice restaurant and gorge on your favorite deep-fried treats.

Doesn’t sound bad, does it? Maybe you can even relate?

Not the worst way to wind down your clock until retirement. Until you get some swelling on your big toe joint.

It grows a little redder and before the week is out you start getting sharp pains.

What’s happened?



The Dreaded Gout


Even the word sounds horrible. And, if you have suffered from it, you know that actually living with it is even worse.

No more strolling through life peacefully going where you please (outside of working hours, obviously). It could spell disaster for someone’s quality of life and you might feel that you have already been handed this sentence.

Enter Shelly Manning.


The End of Gout


In her e-book titled “The End of Gout”, Shelly Manning has created a step-by-step approach to helping people with the condition of gout.

It aims to help people who have tried everything the doctors suggest, to no avail, and who have simply accepted that living with painful gout is their fate.

Untreated, gout can wreak havoc on a person’s life. Their mobility is severely affected; multiple joints are in constant pain even when not moving, and they remain inflamed regardless of how active or inactive they are.

Shelly’s aim is to stop this from becoming a reality for many, and to help people who are already living like this to improve their quality of life again.




4% of the population doesn’t sound like a huge amount but in countries like America that amounts to over 8 million people suffering from gout.

Because of the severe nature this condition can have, the fact that many of doctors “cures” focus around just eating a better diet, when this fails to remedy the situation at all it leaves millions frustrated, angry and still in pain.


Shelly Manning


So, what makes Shelly’s approach different?

To begin with, Shelly takes a much more holistic approach the begins with educating gout sufferers about what gout actually is, how it affects the body and what it’s root causes are.

Shelly suffered from gout herself and because of this embarked on a mission to research and study as much as she could about the condition to find a solution once and for all.

By the time “The End of Gout” was finalised as a program, it had drawn on nearly 30 years of research from European and U.S. Doctors and is presented in a simple, easy to follow guide.

Educational and easy to follow?


Indeed it is.

As with most things in life (like education), subjects that bore us are unrelated to our interests and passions. Whereas, if something stimulates our interest or is directly related to something we enjoy, we are much more likely to pay attention and digest new information.

In this case, I think it would be hard to say that anyone is actually passionate about gout (except, perhaps, Shelly herself?) but the key thing here is that if you were suffering from gout, I would bet a certain amount of money (we’ll specify just how much later on) that you are incredibly interested in getting rid of it!

Because of this, the simple e-book format of “The End of Gout” is actually all that is necessary, and puts the power into your hands for solving the problem, rather than blindly trusting someone you consider more qualified on the subject than you.


Give Me More Knowledge


Okay, okay. Seeing as you asked so nicely.

You may or may not be aware of how and why gout is formed but in the first chapter Shelly tells all about what gout is and how it is widely understood by most people (including doctors).

As a brief overview, gout occurs when your kidneys are unable to process a substance called uric acid (sounds bad already) and as you are unable to get rid of it, this acid builds up in your body.

Unfortunately, the most common places it builds up are around joins and specifically the joint of your big toe, meaning its effects are immediate and profound.

Where does all this acid come from in the first place?

Uric acid is a byproduct of breaking down molecules in the food we eat (and other parts of the body) which means, sadly, that we cannot eradicate it from out system.

Not without causing more serious problems anyway.

More questions like this are answered and the science of our bodies expanded upon during the first two chapters of “The End of Gout”, which helps us to understand why conventional methods of treating gout actually end up having little to no effect at all.


Moving On


Once you have read your way through all this new information (and you might want to re-read it, the deeper your knowledge the deeper your appreciation for the following steps Shelly describes will be), the next chapter goes on to lay out some simple steps that can initially be taken with your diet to reduce gout.

“But you said treating gout with diet alone was pointless!?”

Yes, well remembered. However, unlike other treatments, which stop at this point and tell you to try for yourself, “The End of Gout” continues on!


Different or the Same?


At this point you may be wondering why you can’t just Google the dietary advice and be on your way for free and cure yourself. A miracle!

The problem with this is that using diet alone to cure gout is just like trying to fill a leak with a circular hole by shoving in a square peg. It might fit for a while and help reduce the leak a little but sooner or later you will realise the leak is still there or the peg will fall out all together.

Yes, Shelly emphasises the need for a better diet and this is an important part of treating gout. But “The End of Gout” has a much more holistic approach to this treatment.

If you want to be able to live your life gout free without changing anything about it apart from popping a magic pill then this is not the program for you.

When you suffer from gout your body is trying to tell you that you are putting extra strain on your organs and ingesting too many unnatural substances that prevent it from functioning at a healthy level.

Gout is usually the first symptom of an unsustainable lifestyle and, if left unchecked, can lead to much more sever complications.

So, if you’re ready to take some meaningful steps to a healthier you, read on about what else Shelly covers.


“Our Choices Matter When Healing Gout Day To Day”


This is the title of chapter 4 and goes on to talk about how stress, sleep, exercise, your mental health and your diet all play crucial roles in how your body deals (or doesn’t deal) with gout.

Each of these factors are explained in depth and step-by-step guides are given to help keep you on track and achieve your gout goals (maybe that’s what the book should have been called?).

We have all probably heard about how we should meditate and we should get more sleep and we should be more relaxed because of course we all want a healthier lifestyle.

But I’ll bet that if you are told that these things can help cure your painful and debilitating gout that you will be much more likely to take them seriously and add them to your lifestyle.




As we discussed at the beginning of this article, although it sounds like there is a lot of information to read (and Shelly does include a ton) all the steps to implementing this new knowledge is focused around one very simple ethos:

“Consume more of these and less of that.”

That’s all there is to it.

The 7-day program is ultimately focused on increasing the health of your gut and it’s effectiveness to break down and remove toxins from your system (remember our uric acid?) in a natural way.

This is key so I’ll say it again.

Everything in “The End of Gout” is Natural.

Many people who have purchased Shelly’s book and are singing its praises admit that before reading it they were over-reliant on their medication.

Yet another example of how pharmaceutical companies are businesses first, philanthropic humans second.


All For


The reason so many people have found success with “The End of Gout” is that it’s holistic lifestyle-changing approach targets the root cause of gout and not just the inflammation and pain it causes. This means that within a relatively short period (say, 7 days) most people feel positive results.

Bonus points for Shelly include two massive wins that side effects of this program include weight loss and a reduced risk of other health issues such as heart disease.

Weight loss was not the intended outcome for Shelly but it just so happens that when our bodies are able to naturally process toxins correctly we shed some unwanted pounds as a result. You might consider signing up even if you don’t have gout!


All Against


Because the whole program is centered on the natural processes of the body there are literally no negative effects that have arisen as a result of people following Shelly’s advice.

The only thing worth mentioning here is that some food items that Shelly advises you buy are obviously not covered in the price of the purchase. But how much have you already spent on medication that doesn’t work?


Win Win


Win, win and win some more. At just $49 “The End of Gout” is definitely less than prolonged pain medication and crazy prescribed pills.On top of this, Shelly has a 60-day money back guarantee. You can literally try her 7-day course over 8 times in a row and if your gout hasn’t been reduced you can get your money back.




With a plethora of testimonials and people claiming to be 100% cured from using Shelly’s program it would seem silly not to whole-heartedly recommend “The End of Gout” if you are suffering from gout yourself.

You could try to look up all the information as Shelly did, but that might take 30 years. Alternatively, you could buy this book with zero financial loss, and only happiness and an increased quality of life to gain.

9th December 2020

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