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The Bone Density Solution Review

For most people the number 14 doesn’t always stand out as representing that amount of anything in particular. Here are some of the things the number 14 could represent:


  • The maximum number of clubs allowed in a professional golf bag
  • The number of lines in a sonnet
  • The minimum age required to be employed in the U.S.
  • The number of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata otherwise known as the famous “Moonlight Sonata”


Perhaps some of these rung a bell in your knowledge or perhaps none of them did. Either way, it is possible that the number 14 will hold a new significance for you after reading this article.

To be precise, the number 14 will be the amount of steps laid out by Shelly Manning in her e-book “The Bone Density Solution” that will, if followed, completely eradicate the disease of osteoporosis.


What is Osteoporosis?


Osteoporosis is a disease in your bone that causes them to become weak, brittle and porous. In extreme cases of osteoporosis people have been known to damage and fracture their bones through minor knocks and even sneezing.

That’s either one hell of a sneeze or some serious bone issues (definitely the latter).


What Causes Osteoporosis?


As with most diseases that have the potential to be so severely debilitating, Osteoporosis can be caused for a number of reasons or, in most cases, a combination of them.

According to Shelly Manning (who knows a thing or two about Osteoporosis having had it herself, as well as, you know, writing an entire book on the subject) there are three main factors that contribute to the onset and severity of osteoporosis:


  • When we consume too much of certain foods that cause bone loss
  • When we don’t consume enough of certain foods that help the formation of bone
  • An unbalanced diet that leads to an unhealthy gut


What was that third point again? An unhealthy gut? I thought we were talking about bone issues?

We are indeed, and we’ll get onto that later but suffice to say that the fact that Shelly includes information like this in “The Bone Density Solution” is one of the reasons her work is set apart from many others on the subject of Osteoporosis.

Not in the sit-in-the-corner-you’ve-been-a-bad-person sort of set apart. In a good sense.


Who Needs Better Bones?


As it turns out, a lot of people.

Shelly is renowned in the field of personal health and she wouldn’t be if she had only cured one man and his dog suffering from a rare cave disease.

Well, maybe she would be renowned, just not in the circles you or I mix in.

Anyway, the reason she is known by so many is that so many are suffering and needing to be cured from Osteoporosis.

Worldwide, it is estimated that over 200 million people are currently suffering from the disease. See, that’s a lot of people!

Furthermore, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men are statistically likely to experience a fracture directly liked to osteoporosis in their lifetime.

This means that even if you have never been diagnosed with osteoporosis, it could be well worth your time reading up on it.

Prevention is the best cure, as they say. Who are “they”? Probably smart scientist types that know more than either of us.


The Bone Density Solution


Now, if you suffer from osteoporosis you are definitely interested in what Shelly has to offer. But, what is it exactly?

The book Shelly has written is essentially, as it was said earlier, a program of 14 steps that you can take to eliminate osteoporosis from your life.

Rather than the usual “do this, then that, etc” format of most programs, Shelly has designed this book to be rather more, in that each of the 14 steps equates to a habit that you can install into your life to keep your bones healthy and strong.

Now, 14 habits sounds like rather a lot. Most of us have a hard time adding 1 new healthy habit to our lives (or is that just me?)

Where this could seem like a tall order the way Shelly presents this has a two fold approach that makes you much more likely to follow through.


Fold (1)


Rather than a doctor prescribing you 14 different tasks to do every day to magically make your aliments disappear (which sounds more like they are covering all the bases by getting you to do so much), Shelly understands that Osteoporosis is a lifestyle disease that can’t be treated with medication alone.

Instead of blindly following advice, “The Bone Density Solution” is packed with information that educates you about your body, how your internal processes work, what causes osteoporosis in the first place, and how her 14 steps tackle the disease effectively.

When you understand at the core what is happening in your body and why, you are much more likely to accept and want to incorporate all of Shelly’s advice and consistently change your lifestyle to help yourself.


Fold (2)


If you are suffering from osteoporosis, you simply want it gone.

Considering this and the fact that “The Bone Density Solution” has thousands upon thousands of testimonials claiming it the be the best thing since sliced bread (was everything just rubbish before sliced bread?) you will follow these carefully thought out steps if you know they are guaranteed to help.

Still not convinced? Let’s go deeper. So you know it in your bones (too soon?).


Holistic Knowledge


Once you have finished The Bone Density Solution you will, by default, be more knowledgeable about osteoporosis but also about how your body works and how everything relates together in the picture of your health.

Here is how Shelly breaks it down:


  • Part 1 “Osteoporosis” – an even deeper dive into the disease (with science and stuff)
  • Part 2 “Causes and risk factors”
  • Part 3 “Traditional osteoporosis treatments”
  • Part 4 “Diet: The best way to build strong bones”
  • Part 5 “Building strong bones with exercise”
  • Part 6 “Bone strengthening protocol”


Talk about bang for your buck. You’ll probably need to read it a few times to let it all soak in but once you have the knowledge, you have the power!


More Than A Book


If you think this is all you need then you could be right. But Shelly doesn’t think so and she and her team are committed to giving you a holistic treatment in every sense of the word.

When you purchase “The Bone Density Solution” you also get lifetime access to any updates around the subject that Shelly includes and exclusive services such as access to educational videos by professionals in the field about the disease and how to effectively reduce and eradicate it from your life.


Way More Than A Book


All this is a lot to take in and if you are on the fence because you’re really just looking for the next miracle pill to take and be done with it, I suggest that you get off the fence, walk to your nearest doctors and open your wallet, because this is not that sort of solution.

In fact, Shelly’s whole process of completely solving your osteoporosis problem is 100% natural. No prescription drugs or expensive therapy sessions required.

What Shelly Manning is offering here is the information you need to have a complete lifestyle change.

“But there’s nothing wrong with my lifestyle!”

If you are suffering from any symptoms of osteoporosis, think again.

As Shelly points out, most doctors do not deal with the root cause of the disease and only help to temporarily reduce the symptoms.

This means making sure you gut is healthy (aha! I told you we’d come back to it!). If you have symptoms of osteoporosis that means you are not healthy and most likely your gut isn’t either.

Being brutal, that means your lifestyle isn’t healthy either and it needs to change if you want a pain-free life again.


Follow Your Gut


So, why is your gut so important when talking about a bone disease?

In all honesty, Shelly would be the person to ask but here is a summary of what you will learn from her on this topic:


  • The core problem to be addressed in order to eradicate osteoporosis is inflammation.
  • Good bacteria in your gut gives you a healthy body and prevents inflammation.
  • If gut inflammation is prolonged it can lead to much more serious diseases and complications.


The Bone Density Solution” provides an exhaustive list of foods you should and should not eat to help balance out the bacteria in your gut and heal your body naturally.


The Cost


For access to the book and the online extras Shelly requires just $49.01 (I assume the $0.01 accounts for all the time spent spellchecking “osteoporosis”).  The cost of not buying “The Bone Density Solution” could be many more years of expensive treatments and drugs, not to mention the countless days of agony and misery.

To date, this book has helped thousands of people recover from debilitating levels of osteoporosis and because everything Shelly suggests is 100% natural there a practically no downsides and zero complaints.

I say practically no downsides because the only one I can think of is that you need an Internet connection to download it. This could be an issue for a very small minority of people but considering you need Internet access to become aware of the product in the first place I doubt it would be an issue!

To out-weight this, once you do have access to it you can download the program as many times as you like onto as many different devices as you need. This means you can take the program with you wherever you go.

And, if you still need more, after you buy the e-book you can request for a physical copy and all you have to pay for is the printing and shipping with no additional charges.

In terms of price, if you aren’t satisfied with the results you get or think the information isn’t worth $49.01,  then Shelly also offers a 60-day money back guarantee.




This is literally a no-brainer. The advice Shelly gives is so broad and relating to your overall lifestyle that as well as solving your osteoporosis  (and even if you don’t have the disease) your life will undoubtedly improve in other areas as well, one of which is a reduced likeliness of hearth disease!

Many people have commented saying that, although Shelly suggests you implement her advice slowly, once they began to incorporate the 14 new habits, that the positive results were almost instantaneous.

If you want to strengthen your bones, improve your health and reduce inflammation within your body then “The Bone Density Solution” could, in fact, be the only solution you will ever need.

5th December 2020

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