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Pelvic Floor Strong Review

It’s nighttime; you go to bed and tuck up for the night. Soon you drift off into sleep but, uh oh, you ate some cheese right before bed…

Now you find yourself standing on a stage looking out at a sea of faces, some of which you know and some of which are complete strangers. Standing next to you is someone looking expectantly at you, but they aren’t looking at your face, they’re looking further down.

You follow their gaze and realise in horror that a dark patch is slowly spreading from between your legs and you feel a warm trickle starting to leak down you leg.

You run off stage with every eye following you.

You are mortified.

Now all you have to do is find a dark corner to hide until you wake up. Except it’s not nighttime, you never went to bed and this is your actual life. And now the only thing that can help is cheese. Copious amounts of cheese.

This nightmare situation is one that so many people have found themselves in or regularly worry about as a genuine concern.


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction


For those who can relate, this often means you suffer from either pelvic floor dysfunction or something called layer syndrome.

What this means is that the coordination of your pelvic floor muscles is out of sync. Having urine or stool leakage at unwanted times and constipation when you actively want to release are experiences common to those unfortunate enough to have a pelvic floor dysfunction.


Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll


As with all dysfunctions relating to internal organs and especially those related to our sexual organs, there will be a lot of open discussion around relevant topics.

So, you have been forewarned.

There will be discussions about sex. There will be talk about drugs (otherwise known as medicine), and there will be explanations of how to cure pelvic floor dysfunction to leave you feeling like a rock star.

So, let’s dive in. What hope do we have of curing this?


Pelvic Floor Strong


“Pelvic Floor Strong” is a program designed by Alex Miller (we’ll get on to her later) to help people who are struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction.

People? Yes, men can struggle with this too so it’s not just aimed at women!

That being said, most people who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction tend to be women over 60 or women who have had children, so there is a slight bias towards this direction.

But, if you’re a man, don’t let this discourage you if your gentleman’s plumbing could do with some maintenance.

“Pelvic Floor Strong” is an educational program designed to strengthen your pelvic floor as well as your total core around it through quick and simple exercises.


Doctor, Doctor, I’ve Heard This One Before


Yes, we’ve all been to the doctor’s for advice (Dr. Google is my favorite) but that doesn’t mean that their advice is always the best.

It will have good intentions behind it but, in this case, it could be doing more harm than good.

Kegels are a strengthening exercise most of us will be aware of and, often, this is one of the first things a doctor might advise you to do if you suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction.




This isn’t always a good idea. Strengthening muscles always sounds good in theory but in practice it could do more damage.

For example, imagine an elastic band. It can stretch and pull back into shape easily. But if you overstretch and overwork this band it actually becomes weaker and will eventually break.

This analogy relates incredibly well to how your pelvic floor muscles work (as well as being stolen from Alex Miller herself) and this can also be true for crunches if someone has told you your core needs strengthening.

Time to introduce the woman in the know. Drum roll please…


Alex Miller


Alex Miller, as you may have guessed, is a health specialist predominantly focused around the wellbeing of women.

When both she and her mother has health issues relating to pelvic floor dysfunction she set about discovering a natural way to allow the body to strengthen and heal itself.

Hailing from Vancouver, she is TRX certified and has studied in prenatal and postnatal fitness and regularly teaches her techniques in classes around Vancouver, boasting cliental from professional athletes to physical therapists to normal people like you and me.


The core course


Within the main manual you’ll receive not just the exercises you need to help strengthen your pelvic floor but a whole host of information and knowledge around how your body works and what exercise or habits help (or hinder) them.

First, you’ll learn what your pelvic floor actually is, what you experience with a functional pelvic floor, what you experience with a dysfunctional pelvic floor (the reason we’re all here!) and the two types of dysfunction this can be categorised as.




One of these is “Layer Syndrome”


Whether you know it by name or not, this affects over 200 million people around the world, 75-80% of which are women.

This is where your diaphragm, your abdominal wall and your pelvic floor are out of alignment and no longer functioning as one.

Considering these are some pretty core elements of, well, the core of your body, it is not a pleasant thing.

A major factor that influences this is shallow breathing. You know how to breath, right? We all do it all day every day. But the quality can vary and sometimes you aren’t aware you are doing it to yourself.

Because of the fitness industry and the ever expanding social media options that throw images of ourselves up against models and people who get paid to be in great shape we all find ourselves susceptible to marketing targeted at helping us create a body image we are proud of.

Now, the psychological impact of this structure of our society is not a rabbit hole to go down right now but, let’s just say, it’s worth looking in to as it can be more harmful that you image.

One way it does this, is by offering us products like Spanx, which suck our bodies inwards and make them look better on the outside.

The trade off for this, unfortunately, is that the inside of our bodies suffer. With everything packed in so tightly our breathing becomes shallower, which can lead to layer syndrome, which can lead to uncontrollable leaking in public.

Hmm…maybe you don’t need all those yoga pants.


I Digress


Back with the course, Alex then teaches you all about several other ways to help your pelvic floor dysfunction:


  • 360 degree breathing – what is it and how to do it
  • The core – what makes up your core and how to engage your core properly
  • Posture – Common incorrect postures and how to correct it along with pectoral stretches to help this
  • Diastasis Recti – a common side effect of pregnancy that can damage your abdomen, how to recognise when you have it and how to safely treat it


Plug the Leak


If followed correctly, Alex claims that Pelvic Floor Strong can have you leak-free within 10 weeks.

Many of her satisfied customers have also followed her closing words (3 additional steps to be taken every day to prevent leakage) and become dry the whole day through much sooner than this.

Apart from the obvious joy in never having to stress about unwanted leaks in public ever again, there are several extra benefits to Alex’s pelvic exercises that are worth mentioning.


Confidence Across the Board


So far as men are concerned (I know you’re still reading) if you have prostate surgery, pelvic floor exercises can aid your recovery process.

Both sexes together, a stronger pelvis improves your control over your bowels and bladder. When was the last time you sat through an entire movie without discomfort?

Further still, your chance of prolapse can be significantly reduced to an incredibly minimal chance if these exercises are done consistently.


The Pelvic Sky is the Limit



Yes, it’s time.

It often goes without mentioning when talking about leaky plumbing, but pelvic floor dysfunction often leads to a significantly lower quality of sex life.

It’s a sad story that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. So, what can help? Pelvic exercises.

What do pelvic exercises do? Strengthen your pelvic muscles. If you’ve been paying attention that should have been a no-brainer.

As a result men can have stronger and longer erections (in reference to time, this isn’t magic) and women can have significantly stronger vaginal muscles.

As well as increasing the pleasure of a sexual experience for both parties, these pelvic muscles can increase the potential of your orgasm through the roof.

If nothing else, sex always sells.




Sex hasn’t sold you? Fair enough. Here’s some more.

As well as an in-depth manual with a daily step-by-step to get you stepping more confidently again, Alex also includes an informational video along with this. Additional courses of “Flat Belly Fast” + video and “Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist” are thrown in alongside for good measure.

Just to kick-start your way to a better quality of life, a free copy of “25 fat-burning recipes” and Alex’s “25 “Forbidden” Cures: Uncensored Health Book” add even more value to your program.




Put together, Alex could charge a bundle for her bundle but they are priced at just $150 all in. However, Alex’s mission to help as many people as possible has reduced this price even further and you can now get all of it for just $37.

On top of this, if you find yourself wishing you hadn’t wasted all your time gaining new knowledge and improving your overall health and wellbeing, there is a 60-day money back guarantee that insures you risk none of your money if you aren’t completely satisfied.


Why is it So Good?


One thing this is often a concern when purchasing a product like this is the fact that you aren’t really purchasing a product at all. What you are really buying is an education and the steps you then take to solve your pelvic floor dysfunction are 100% natural and in your own hands.

Sound like a con? You can look up the many thousands of reviews Alex has had for “Pelvic Floor Strong” and see how thrilled they are with the results.

Just because something seems easy doesn’t mean it is. You still have to take the time and make your healing a priority. But as you only need a few minutes a day to complete Alex’s stretches and exercises, I bet you’ll be bouncing down the street with joy in no time at all and you won’t even need to bring a spare change of clothes with you.

17th December 2020

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