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Old School New Body Review

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Yet, so many products, programs and gizmos have been sold to young and old alike marketed as the antitheses of this saying.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just created something that told you how it is?

You’re no spring chicken anymore and, although you’re over the hill (rather than under it) you’re still an old dog.

But here’s why old dogs are arguably better than chickens.


The Chicken or the Egg?


When you’re young you have youthful energy and a lifetime to look forward to. The word is your oyster and you can eat as much food (including oysters) as you like without adding anything your lean body.

Stay up late, gorge on takeaways and chillax on the couch all day. Look in the mirror and you still got it.

As your age starts to tick along you push the actual number from your mind and keep acting like a twenty-something, clinging on to the happy-go-lucky world you know and love.

Unfortunately, this is where things start to get a little eggy.

Your body doesn’t crow proudly like it used to and one morning you wake up to find you’ve grown a spare tyre around your waist (how did that get there?).

This time when you look in the mirror your feathers are more ruffled and your face is sporting that dog-tired look you know a little too well.


The Point of No Return


Sadly, even if we stop running around like a headless chicken and take more care of ourselves, when we reach the age of 35, (what’s that, you were 21 last year? Again?) our bodies start to deteriorate at a much faster rate than we are used to.

As well as losing muscle faster and gaining fat easier, this deterioration also leaves us looking older. For every year you live past 40 your body loses an extra year in aesthetics.

Put simply, if you are 42 you will look 44. If you are 60 you will look 70! That’s a good response next time asks you “Why the long face?”* (I’m certain your face doesn’t get any longer as you age, but hey, I’m no doctor).

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were some shiny new program that allows us to exploit the latest discoveries of modern science to beat our bodies to it and become youthful again?

Sadly, we are not living in a Netflix show and modern science doesn’t yet have anything quite so wonderful. At least, not unless you’re a millionaire and you want to pay copious amounts for the latest unproven techniques to BioHack your body into submission.

But, there is a team here that can help! You lucky devil, you.


The “Old School New Body” Program


Steve Holman and his wife Becky have created a new program based entirely on old school techniques, (hence the name) Old School New Body that they claim to be able to slow down the aging process of your body so much that you can actually look more youthful then your age!

What a reversal, more like New Dog, Old Tricks, am I right?

Not particularly. Steve and Becky are both in their 50’s (looking good, guys) and they have definitely been around the block.

Steve has the credentials that many fitness gurus touting their latest “rip off your fat and look like a model now” fitness program, could only dream of.

For the past 25+ years Steve has been the editor of “Iron Magazine”, one of the oldest and most popular magazines in the fitness industry bar(bell) none.

This translates to Steve having read and digested more information about fitness than most fitness instructors combined.

Add to this the fact that he is a contemporary of the legendary Vince Gironda, it would be a hard push (otherwise known as a heavy bench press) to find someone you would trust more to get you in shape.

If you’re wondering who Vince Gironda is, he’s a legend of the bodybuilding circuit who consistently placed in the top 5 for international competitions over a 13 year career.

He also famously trained many of the next generation of bodybuilders who followed and Hollywood stars of the 1950’s onwards.

Basically he’s a GOAT of the old dogs. He had all the tricks of a wise goat. He was doggedly at the top of the game for a long time.

You get the idea (hopefully).


Old Dog, Old Tricks


Moving on (you’ll be glad to hear), Steve has taken everything he has learned and combined it with the old principles Vince followed in his training to create the “Old School New Body” program.

The target audience of this program is as follows:

  • Anyone looking to pack on lean muscle
  • Anyone who wants that spare tyre to deflate or disappear
  • Someone who’s joints are starting to feel the strain of all the years of wisdom you’re carrying around


The way this program works is by increasing your body’s natural growth hormone and slowing down the aging process to help reshape your body into a lean, younger looking version of yourself but without losing any of your hard-earned knowledge.


School is in Session


The principles of Old School New Body are designed with a system called the F4X system. This stands for “Focus-4 Exercise”.

What this translates to in the course is the 4 core exercises that are woven into every workout:


  • Squats
  • Upright Rows
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Incline Press


Now, if you’ve been to the gym before then you have likely done all of these movements already so why should they be any different now?

Enter John Rowley.

John is the 3rd part of the triangle that makes up the creators of Old School New Body and the one who has specifically put together the workings of the F4X system into specially designed workouts.

Here is how he breaks it down:

  • Select a weight that you know you can do 15 reps of for the specified exercise
  • Do 10 reps with this weight (instead of 15)
  • Follow the 1-second/ 3-second rule when performing reps
  • 35 seconds rest
  • Repeat for the given number of sets
  • Last set, burn it to the max until your muscles scream and you drop the weights like a pro lifter (okay, those were my words not his, but you get the idea)


What is the 1-second/ 3-second rule? Let me explain.


Pressure Pushing Down on Me


As with almost anything he did, it seems David Bowie was on the money and used the right words.

The 1-second/ 3-second rule refers to how you complete your reps. 1 second to push/pull the weight and tense your muscles, but then 3 seconds to release it again.

This is crucial to the success of “Old School New Tricks” and is what makes it different from your usual gym routine you can find online.

Principally, this means that your muscles are spending more time under pressure or strain, which helps to tire them out and make sure you get a real workout in that torches your fat.

This is also why the weight you use may seem lighter than you think you need to really work your muscles, but after you’ve completed a set of exercises in this way you will definitely be feeling it the next day.

Additionally, using a lighter weight puts much less pressure on your joints so you can get a really good workout and still keep maximum mobility while working hard consistently.


Time to Bow-wow Out


You may think that lower weight = more reps = more time spent in the gym for the same results.


Old School New Body is designed to be able to fit smoothly into your life without you needing to carve out hours and hours every week in order to get it done.

To begin with, you will only need 30 minutes, 3 times a week to keep to the program. The best part is that because you only need minimal weight, you can do all the workouts from the comfort of your own home.

No more schlepping to the gym and squeezing in alongside all those yappy young pups who have no idea what personal space is.

Money For Old Rope


Yes, the techniques used in this program are old. But by old we mean less than 100 years. And we, as humans, have not evolved very far in that time period (some might say we’ve even gone backwards).

In fact, we haven’t evolved very much in the last 10,000+ years. So, surely, old tricks are exactly what the doctor ordered.

So, you throw your money ball into the unknown and what will your dog bring back? Let’s take a look.

Old School New Body is broken down into three phases: Lean, Shape and Build.


Lean Machine


In this phase all the workouts are just 30-60 minutes long and aimed at creating a rock-solid foundation for you to build upon.

Here, you mainly use the 4 core exercises (F4X) to help you lose excess fat in what they also call a “20 Minute Fat Blow Torch”. Sounds sexy.

This is where you only need 90 minutes a week to complete the routine and see some great results. Why so little? Because Steve understands that people are much more likely to stick to shorter workouts than longer, more strenuous ones.

Consistency is key when it comes to changing your body.


Shape Shifter


The second phase takes your workouts and ups the anti for longer harder-hitting workouts. As the name suggests, this is where you not only lean down but also start to shape your body into looking more athletic.


Bob the (Body) Builder


For phase 3, here is where you can find all the exercises you need to pack on lean muscle in the old-school bodybuilder style.

Now, don’t let this put you off because this isn’t mandatory. In fact, being able to switch between which ever phases most suit you is exactly what makes Old School New Body so accessible for anyone.

Whether you are 30 or 60, you can use any combination of phases to reach your body goals.


The “New Body” Part


Critically, Steve and Becky include a nutritional guide that is crucial to getting the results you want. Just the workouts alone will not cut it.

Now, before you roll your eyes and go click on the next fad workout you see, this nutrition plan is not a strict “salad only” diet plan.

Steve knows that the best workout plan is the one you stick to, so rather than having tons of specific diet plans, he gives more general (but key) advice about what to eat less of and what to eat more of, with some added extras to help get your health on track.


What’s up, Dog?


So, you get a lot for your money. And in fact, its only $20 all in with a 60-day money back guarantee. Sweet.

But there are a few things worth mentioning:

Firstly, everything comes in written and PDF format, which means there are no instructional videos to follow along to. I image this might change but because Steve is so experienced in fitness writing you’ll definitely be guaranteed the words of wisdom.

Secondly, the only other available format is audio, which seems strange in our modern digital world and could be frustrating. However, looking at the multitude of positive reviews and results, Steve and Becky’s approach clearly works.

Finally, this really is a great program for getting yourself in shape and molding your body into a healthy, younger looking skin. Unfortunately, you need to put the work in yourself.




If you’re willing to follow the program and make some real changes to your life, Old School New Body could be the program for you.

The old-school techniques put much less pressure on both your time and your joints, which ultimately means you are more likely to stick with the program.

If you stick with it, it will be worth it!

3rd December 2020

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