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My Back Pain Coach Review

In this article we are going to discuss Ian Hart’s Program which is called My Back Pain Coach. We will break down some of the reasons behind back pain and then some of the elements of the My Back Pain Coach product and how it works.

There are many products on the market that will claim to be the cure for back pain and it’s sometimes difficult to tell what works and what may not. If you’ve ever had back pain then you know it can be a difficult problem to control, cure and even cope with. This review can provide you with information you need to know about this product and how it can help you.


Why back pain occurs


Back pain is common, research suggests that most people will experience some form of lower back pain at some point in their life. Statistics of research typically sit at the 80% of population for people having had lower back pain. This figure will be typically higher in the western adult word. This can be for many reasons but typically we have sedentary lifestyles involving lots of sitting.

We can experience back pain as children but this is less common than when we are adults. Childhood lower back pain can typically be activity or growth related. In adults, as we age there can be many ways in which we develop lower back pain.

A large percentage of lower back pain can come down to poor physical fitness and lifestyle. As we tend to sit down, work for long hours and not engage in the right type of activity – this can cause back pain. Weakening of the back and buttock muscles places more pressure on the back.

Sitting in static positions which causes pressure on discs and bones alongside weakening of the muscles can contribute largely to back pain developing.

Medical conditions such as osteoarthritis can cause the back to become painful as the back can deteriorate with age and we need to take more care of it. This will typically present with stiffness on a morning and pain with activity.

Injury to the lower back, especially disc bulges can cause the back to become sore and painful. If not rehabilitated correctly or given the right exercises then this will be a common cause of long term lower back pain.


Product Overview – what is it?


My Back Pain Coach is a DVD/Digital format exercise program which is aimed at reducing your back pain and improving your general lower back capability. This is a product which is designed to teach and educate you on how you can perform the right exercises to help with your back pain.

The program can be performed at home, on your own and in your own time. My Back Pain Coach recommends that you can do up to 3 sessions in one day. Sessions are 30 minutes in length, so shorter than your average medical appointment and all the travel times that come with it.

Even combining all 3 sessions in a day to 90 minutes is considerably less time than travelling and attending medical appointments.

The course is 90 minutes in length in total and has levels 1, 2 & 3. As a recommendation if you have a high amount of back pain, level 1 is obviously where you would start and you can do it 3 x in one day and its advised that doing this for 3 weeks should be a good amount of time before you are ready to progress to the next level.

Levels 2 & 3 are more advanced and they act as a natural progression when your pain levels come down. The aim is to progressively target the spine with the right exercises and the muscles of your back, core and buttocks to strengthen around the spine and support it.

There are also 2 bonus features to the program which you will find useful. There is a ‘Start Your Day’ routine option which is for first thing when you wake to allow your back to mobilise and reduce any stiffness. If you have any extreme pain or loss of movement – this could be an excellent starting point due to the gentle nature. Use this before progressing to the actual program.

The other bonus section is a coaching part in which Ian describes a lot of valuable information in regard to the anatomy involved and how to use your core, improve flexibility and mobility in order to get the most out of the program.

This is a comprehensive but simple format which offers users different options depending on their level of capability and their symptoms. The goal of the program is the same for anyone, improving their back function and reducing pain so that they can self-manage.


How the product works


The product works by physically moving and strengthening the lower back in order to gain better function and reduce pain levels. Hen backs become painful it becomes difficult to move normally and function as you would like. The key to reducing back pain is movement that helps to condition your back to improve.

The best way to reduce back is through exercise, strength and conditioning style raining. Research in to lower back pain and its treatment has always suggested that exercise is the number one treatment above anything else.

The problem with that statement is that sometimes people don’t know what order to do certain exercises in or even what types of exercise are good for them. This is where My Back Pain Coach comes in – it’s simple and easy to follow format allows you to follow their proven formula for correcting back pain.

The joints of the back require movement help pain reduce. If pain relief and treatments have not worked in the past then exercise surely will. Regular movement of the specific back joints help to make the joint move more freely and reduce the irritation of the joints in the back.

Imagine your back joints when they are painful as rusty hinges – they require oiling to improve their movement and pain. Movement in this case acts as the oil. The more specific movement you apply to the joints, the better they move and freer they become.

The soft tissues of the back such as tendons, muscles and ligaments also require movement but they also need to be strengthened. The right exercises at the right time to help these tissues develop more strength which provide greater support for your back. The weaker the back is, the more pressure is placed upon the back and more pain develops.

If you have had failed back pain recoveries in the past then it may be the way in which your treatment and rehab has been structured. My Back Pain Coach helps to introduce the exercises at the right time for your back in order to get a gradual, staged, improvement which results in long term change and ultimately recovery from your back pain.


How it can impact the user’s life


Obviously the main benefits of this product will be to improve your back pain levels but the real benefit lies within the long term gains you will experience. If you have struggled with back pain, inability to exercise or just losing sleep due to your pain levels then this can have an immediate impact and improve your symptoms.

The key to overcoming any physical problem is truly understanding the problem itself. Sometimes people may find themselves in a circle of pain, recovery and relapse. Modern treatment models of attending clinics to see healthcare professionals may be very reactive and focus on treatment.

My Back Pain Coach can help to improve your understanding of your problem which is key. If you are able to know more about how your back works and why it has developed, it allows you to break the cycle of back pain which is all too common. Increased independence and less reliance on healthcare in the future is probably the best benefit.

The initial outlay in cost for the product will save the user money in the long term. Therapy and treatment in relation to back pain really adds up over time and can be costly. The small cos of a program such as this can help cut your healthcare costs and remove the need for costly medical bills.

Add to this indirect costs of money lost when you experience back pain like being absent from work and being unable to do all of your favourite things – the product really does provide value for money.

If you have suffered with long term back pain and have been unable to become active or just simply do the things you want to do then My Back Pain Coach can help. Improving your back pain levels and improving your physical function is the aim of the program. Once you have completed the program and pain reduces in your back it will allow you to do more of the activities you wanted to do.


Client testimonials – paraphrasing reviews


There are many great reviews and results which have been gained from the My Back Pain Coach program.


Michelle – Yoga Teacher:


“After my first session with Ian, I felt an opening in my back that I haven’t felt in a long time.

I felt stronger to my core and I felt the radiating burning heat pain I was feeling seem to dissipate a little bit.

It seemed to just open up my back in general.”

Despite being a yoga teacher and feeling she had a good understanding of the body, Michelle gained a better understanding of the cause of her back pain from the anatomy she was taught and the varied exercises she was given by the program. Her results were noticeable after just 2, 30 minute sessions.


David Ochoa – Facebook Review:


Absolutely the best program for back pain! I’ve dealt with back pain for decades and have done it all with varied results. With this program I got miraculous relief. Recently diagnosed with herniated disc L4, L5, S1, and started treatment with minimal relief rediscovered “My Back Pain Coach” and after just 3 sessions daily, feeling better! I recommend this to all back pain sufferers! Thank you

There are many positive product reviews which show the benefit of this product for people with all types of back pain from all different types of backgrounds.




My Back Pain Coach is a simple to follow program which you can perform at home. It is an exercise based rehabilitation series which helps you to reduce your pain and improve you general function. Results are reported from users as being effective after just a few sessions and improving as you continue to do the program and build consistency.

If you are looking for a different solution to back pain than your regular healthcare and pain meds then this is the option for you. The best solution for back is long term physical exercise and conditioning of the back and My Back Pain Coach is certainly provided in the ideal format for you to get yourself better.

8th May 2020

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