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Mueller Knee Braces Review

Knee pain is one of the most common pains and injuries suffered by people of all ages around the world.

Knee pain can develop in a number of ways such as sporting accidents, overuse and age related problems such as arthritis which can make our knee painful as time passes.

Knee pain is such a problem because the knee is a main weight bearing joint which is designed to support All of our weight and move us – when this is painful it is hard to place weight through it properly.

If you have knee pain and you want to stay active – this can be a problem. Whether your sport is running, contact sports or martial arts – this will pose a challenge.

Knee pain is so common that most of us will experience it in some way or another in our lifetime. If not acquired over time, our activity can be a big cause.

What’s the solution though?

A knee support can be the answer to your issues to help best give your knee some help and for you to keep moving.

As a safety note – we would say, if you have knee pain as a result of an injury and you are unsure of the diagnosis then please go and see a physiotherapist for accurate diagnosis.

A knee support is not a cure to an injury but it can help to support you to keep moving whilst you heal or rehab an injury.

This guide looks to show you a selection of some of the different knee sleeves that are available on the market today via the Mueller Brand.


About Mueller Knee Braces


Mueller Sports Medicine are a company who designs and manufactures braces, joint supports, tapes, and gum shields. The company offers analgesics, therapy and foot care products, grip enhancers, mouth guards, sports accessories, and tapes and wraps all associated for use with sporting activities.

Mueller sports medicine are an established manufacturer and provider of sports medicine products. Their range of products which help you to exercise and stay healthy.

Mueller have high quality knee braces which can be found here. Mueller is a premium brand, using high quality materials which are built to last.


Mueller Knee Braces


Here is a list of 5 of the top knee supports which Mueller offer. We have picked 5 different braces which all offer a variety of benefits. Knee supports can be worn for many reasons and it is important to pick the right one for you.

Take a look at our review of Mueller knee braces and see which one is the right fit for you.


Mueller – Wrap Around Knee Brace


“The Mueller Wraparound Knee Brace Deluxe has a unique design opens completely at the front of brace. Closures and crossing straps above and below the knee allow wearer to adjust compression. Steel springs provide extra medial/lateral support”.

This knee support differs from your standard design and uses a crossover strap system. In sport, when a knee injury is suffered to the medial or lateral aspects, taping may be used to support the knee and these points and act as ligaments.

This knee brace would be perfect for management or rehabilitation of injuries involving ligaments or if you have one sided soreness. The adjustable cross straps, criss cross over the knee and add further security and stability.

The open patella design aids kneecap support and removes pressure from the patella if you also have any pain in the front of the knee.


Mueller Hinged Knee Brace


This Knee brace features a tri-axial hinge design to support your knee’s natural movement and helps prevent translation of your knee to the inside or outside.

The Mueller Knee Brace can also be used for all general knee conditions as it will provide support for weakness, injury and arthritis based issues.

A hinged knee brace is a common site following serious knee injury or extensive surgery. These types of knee braces can be recommended by the surgeon or a physiotherapist. An indication for their use is that if a ligament has been damaged and there is instability in the knee – it helps to prevent against further injury.

Following certain surgeries – knees may be requested by the protocol advised by the surgeon to only be moved in certain ranges of movement or to be walked on very lightly. A hinged knee brace helps to control knee movement and reduce excess movement whilst also providing safety and reassurance.

The Mueller hinged knee brace is a premium design which has a robust construction and allows for adjustment via Velcro straps.


Mueller Patella Stabiliser Knee Brace


The stabilizer is a knee support which helps you to remain active and support your lifestyle as it also provides stability for injury prevention.

If you have a patella injury or patella related pain – then this is the knee support you should be considering. It has an open patella design which helps to keep it properly aligned but also removes pressure from the kneecap itself.

To keep it in position it has 2 adjustable, robust Velcro straps which make sure of a secure and comfortable fit. The ability to adjust this knee support is key as you may have a different level of support preference, knee sleeves can only offer 1 level of fit.


Mueller Breathable Closed Patella Knee Sleeve


This knee support aids to support painful and weak knees and helps improve blood flow to assist with the healing process.

Easy pull on and off design with finger pulls function which are convenient loops to help with dressing. The perforated neoprene material aids compression, warmth, and at the same time ventilation for breathability.

This is an all round knee support, designed with a sleeve construct. Because it is closed patella, people with any patella options may not wish to go for this option.

The finger pulls are a great feature which make this one of the better knee sleeves on the market. A common problem, especially if you like a tight, compressive sleeve is the ability to get them on and off properly. The finger grips help to solve this problem. The key feature of the knee sleeve is the supportive design which runs underneath the kneecap top help give support at the front of the knee which is a common site for pain and weakness and the place where is most stressed during activity.


Mueller Life Care Knee Support


The Life Care Knee support is a sleeve design, which comes in a variety of sizes and is designed to be tight and supportive when pulled on. Often knees which are sore with age or arthritis need some additional support to help them move more freely.

The tight, elastic design is made so that the knee is given overall compression, which can be useful for swelling management. It also has a banded design which sweeps in from the outside and sits underneath the kneecap – this is the point at which most of your body’s weight is transferred through when bending the knee.

Having support in this region is key to reducing pain and allowing more free movement in sore knees. This sleeve should be chosen for general knee ache and pain which does not have a specific injury, if you are simply looking for some long term support options. This would be worn for most activities including exercise but can be used an all day, everyday support.


Why should I wear a knee support?


The common reasons for people using knee supports are to improve comfort, manage pain and also make the knee feel more stable if it is unstable or there is a lack of confidence in the knee.

Knee braces can be used:


  • General Exercise – for support and comfort issues. If you are involved with exercise that involves a lot of weight or force going through the knee, or you are performing exercise for long periods of time, knee supports are a great way to help your knee tolerate the exercise.
  • Injury – in the early stages of an injury your knee may be very painful and/or unstable, knee supports help to give you confidence and secure the knee.
  • Following surgery – if you have had a knee operation, a support can be recommended by surgeon’s depending on what surgery has been performed. Other people may just prefer it as personal preference as it gives safety and reassurance to the knee.
  • Rehabilitation – Knee supports are often worn during rehabilitation from knee injuries as they give your knee the assistance it requires when you are building your strength back up.
  • Swelling – compression and elevation are key for reducing swelling. A knee support can be a great way to support a swollen joint as it adds compression to help reduce excess fluid. .
  • Manual labour – flooring contractors, construction workers and people who spend time on their knees for work are popular users of knee supports. They may choose a more padded support which takes the pressure off the kneecap and supports their comfort.


Are Knee Supports the answer to my knee pain?


This is a commonly asked question by people who are considering choosing a knee support in order to help them improve their pain and function.

Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer to this question.

It will always depend on a person to person basis and also the problem that they have with the knee.

If we take problems such as arthritis which are long term, and degenerative, meaning that they have a tendency to become worse over time – then a knee support may be a good way of helping and assisting your knees comfort and function.

It won’t be the answer to your arthritis but it could be part of the answer and better than if you weren’t wearing a knee support.

A kneecap problem however can be an entirely different proposition – this is because these knee supports which aid patella alignment can help the knee to recondition whilst keeping your patella in the intended place.

Ligament issues and structural injuries are almost certainly not guaranteed to be fixed by a knee support but it can be the answer to coping in the short term.

The overriding factor within all questions relating to knee pain and knee support use is correct management by a health professional to guide your recovery. The knee will always benefit from rehabilitation – remember, knee supports just add support, but strength, balance and muscular control restore your function and reduce pain properly.

If you are having difficulty with knee pain – get a good rehab program and stick to it for 6-12 weeks. A knee support can help in the short term to make this easier.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. If you have enjoyed this and found it helpful, please send this to someone you know.

24th May 2021

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