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Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream Review

“One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”

Even if you weren’t around in 1969 to hear Neil Armstrong’s famous words as he became the first human in history to step onto the lunar surface, it would be a safe bet to say you have heard them at some point since.

All these years later space exploration has come a long way since the Apollo 11 mission.

The technology that once was barely capable of sending three astronauts safely to the moon (only two actually got to walk on it) and get them back home again, has now come on monumental leaps and bounds.

Along with space technology, multiple fields of human knowledge have also increased many times over since the 60s. Looking back on the “facts” of that time, scientists would laugh at what we thought was possible and where we set the limits of our civilization.

With many aiming to conquer the stars at some point in the future, a landmark towards this goal was achieved in 1998 when the first piece of the International Space Station was successfully launched.

Once completed, it was here that scientific research led to some unexpected discoveries.


Space Age Treatment


Whilst trying to grow plans in space, NASA discovered a technology that had profound medical implications.

Cutting to the chase of this long story, this new technology has resulted in a product called, Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream.

Now, all that space talk makes it sound awfully fancy but let’s break it down into some more realistic words.


What is it?


Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream is designed to help any pain in your back, joints, bones, muscles and nerves.

Essentially, the company claims that it can reduce any pain, no matter how small or chronic, and regardless of where it is on your body.

Sounds a little too familiar and quite like a whole host of pharmaceutical companies who all tout their product as the next best thing that can solve problems you didn’t know you had faster than anyone previously thought.

Let’s take a closer look at the brains behind this, shall we?


Dr. TK Huynh


Pronounced “HWin” let’s see if he should be a winner in your books.


His credentials sound very impressive:


  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) from the Massachusetts College Of Pharmacy
  • One of only 4 pharmacists in the world to be awarded a fellowship in Functional Regenerative Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M).


So far, so good.

After then working as a supervisor to 47 different pharmaceutical companies, Dr. TK Huynh apparently had a change of heart and was determined to reveal the “Dirty Little Secret” of the pharmaceutical industry.

As most of us know (or should know by now), pharmaceutical companies are made to be businesses first and the help people second.

A lot of companies have products that they claim help thousands of people and they plaster reviews (who knows if they are real or not) all over social media to show how effective they are.

In reality, we all know people who finish bottle after bottle of medication having had no improvement in their condition.


What Makes This Cream a Winner?


To begin, I feel it is necessary to first of all point out what seems to be a very obvious flaw in the marketing for Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream.

Just a few short paragraphs after claiming to expose the dirty secrets of the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. TK Huynh then puts as the top reason for why his product is different the fact that it is FDA registered.


Not approved.

First off, this means that nothing has been accepted about this product, all they have managed to do is nothing illegal.

Second, if the pharmaceutical industry is so corrupt, why should the customer care if this new cream is even approved (which it is not) by any governing body?

In my book, not a good start.

But let’s carry on.


Big Claims From Little Pharma


What supposedly makes this product stand out from the crowd when compared to similar competition is that it helps your mind as well as your body.

However, you can imagine that they may have gone a little too far on the marketing side.

The process of using a pain relief cream is widely understood and acknowledged by most people. Somewhere hurts. Rub the cream on or as near to that place as possible. Job done.

What this company asks you to do instead is to do this first and then add these additional steps:


  • Rub it into your lower back
  • Rub it into the back of your neck
  • Rub it into your heart area
  • Rub it into your 3rd eye (between your eyebrows)


Now, the fact that it includes 2 substances known as neurotransmitters that aim to help quiet the pain signals in the body’s nervous system sounds like something that could potentially be a selling point that does indeed make it different from other products.

Unfortunately, this rather extensive application process (that is advised 2-4 times a day) seems to be hamming up the mind-body angle in an attempt to get the user applying more cream, faster, so they need to order more again.

Starting to sound a bit like Big Pharma again there Dr. Huynh!


Other Ingredients


Aside from these neurotransmitters, Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief has 9 other ingredients (plus another “ingredient” we’ll discuss in a bit).

What are these amazing substances?

Essentially, oils. To be more precise: essential oils.

Now, essential oils do have incredible properties that can promote healing, relaxation and comfort (all things we wouldn’t turn down if we were in chronic pain) but when looking at the list none of them appear to be anything particularly new or special. Let’s see if you agree:


  • Arnica
  • Aloe Vera
  • Boswellia
  • Chamomile
  • Calendula
  • Lavender
  • Lemon balm
  • Peppermint
  • Tea tree


I’m willing to bet that if you have ever looked into home remedies for any sort of ailments you will have know, and potentially used, at least half of the oils on that list.

So what makes this combination of these specific oils so special?

They don’t say exactly.

Maybe that’s because there isn’t one.

Or maybe it’s because the packaging has and image of a Greek God on the front (how is that even relevant?).

Either way, I’m not jumping to encourage you to shell out on some of this cream.


Space Age Claims


Finally, the part we’ve all been waiting for. Well, probably just me. And the reason for this is that we are about to cover their most audacious claim.

Red light therapy. This is what was supposedly discovered by NASA when trying to grow plants in space.

Dr. Huynh says his cream is infused with it. Bottled red light therapy.


If you haven’t heard of it before, red light therapy is a type of technology where low-level red-light radiation is used to stimulate parts of the body that results in energy changes within the targeted cells.

Along with therapeutic effects this treatment has been claimed to help sufferers of acne and depression. As you might imagine, whether it is scientifically accurate or not is still hotly debated.

Now, whether you understand this fully or not, it doesn’t take a degree or a doctorate to understand that for red light therapy to work you need one thing above all else.




Dr. TK Huynh claims to have somehow infused the properties of red light therapy into his cream by exposing the product to red light for 30 minutes before bottling.

So, technically the cream might be more relaxed but basic scientific knowledge shows that claiming that a cream has the same properties as light is complete nonsense.

Marketing wise I am sure this has worked wonders for their profit margins. But when you think about what they are saying it’s almost infuriating.

Okay, maybe I need to calm down.

Someone pass me some essential oils.




How much can you expect to pay for this? Well, while the price bracket may appear competitive, it is just yet another parallel with other products from the “dirty” pharmaceutical industry Dr. Huynh hates so much.

Depending on where you look, the price may vary but here is what you can approximately expect:


  • 1 bottle for $39.99
  • 3 bottles for $99.95
  • 8 bottles for $199.95


As always, the temptation is to buy in bulk to save money, but I am tempted to tell you not to bother at all. However there is a 60-day money back guarantee (but make sure you read the small print on that one!).


Proof is in the Pudding


In this case, the pudding is reviews and frankly, there aren’t many to find.

Unless you are on a website that is specifically trying to sell Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream, you won’t necessarily find any good reviews.

The fact that any mention of the company or its product is hard to find on popular review sites such as Trustpilot makes it difficult to take the company seriously.

Yes, there positive reviews from big names (mainly TV channels) but I think these can only be believed if you are naïve enough to also believe that Dr. Huynh and Co. are fighting for justice in the pharmaceutical war.

What I think this product is really missing is enough positive reviews from real people having had pain relief as a result of using it.


Does it work?


After all this ranting you might be expecting me to say a big bold no, but actually it’s not that simple.

As previously mentioned, essential oils are known for their healing properties and that fact that they are so widely used is proof enough for this.

Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream is basically a mix of 9 essential oils, which means that it will definitely have some soothing effects on you. If you rub it on all the areas they suggest you will definitely feel calmer and potentially relaxed enough for any pain you have to temporarily subside.

The issue that I, and my others, have with this product is with the claims they make that it’s the next best thing for solving any and all chronic pain for absolutely anyone.

And the price tag.

Oh, and if you are allergic in any way to essential oils I would definitely tell you to steer clear of this cream.




The price of essential oils on their own is not what you might call cheap, but you can definitely pick up enough to help sooth any pain you might have for less than a bottle of Mind Body Matrix Pain Relief Cream.

I wouldn’t tell you to avoid this product completely, but I would say to consider your other options very carefully when thinking about buying it.

Marketing is a powerful tool, especially when we are making emotional decisions and, unfortunately, the emotion surrounding pain can be a very powerful incentive.

30th October 2020

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