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Hyperbolic Stretching Review

When was the last time you had a good stretch?

No, not the kind we do every morning in an attempt to wake up, a stretch that lasted much longer.

How long? Well, if you’re Novak Djokovic you might say that stretching is so important to your physical health and wellbeing that you should do it for at least an hour a day.

This does seem like a lot, but if your aim is to win a Wimbledon title then maybe this could give you the edge you need.

For the rest of us who aren’t legends in the world of tennis, why should we bother stretching at all?

Well, for one, if you are a little bit less (or even a lot less) active than a pro tennis player, stretching can help stop you getting injured.

We know we aren’t all professional athletes but in the thick of it your mindset can easily become a “win at all costs” mentality.

The problem with this is that the cost of striving for a win could involve tearing something crucial that will stop you playing for weeks or, worse still, keep you from being able to walk straight for a few months.

Swinging extra hard for that serve trying to get an ace against your friend or stretching a bit too far in an attempt to stop someone getting the ball past you are things that definitely aren’t worth doing unless you are properly warmed up.

And properly warming up involves stretching.

That Sunday league match against your rivals will soon be a thing of the past but your injury could hang around for a while.


That’s Stretching it a Bit


Okay, so you don’t regularly play sport or if you do you aren’t super competitive and just happy for a social activity that could help you up your heart rate at the same time.

Full power to you. But, there are other reasons why you should be stretching that could be even more important than keeping yourself flexible enough to not get injured.

Stretching doesn’t just involve huffing and puffing to wake up your legs before a bit of a run around, it is also critical for the performance of all your other muscles you use every day as well.

Your pelvic muscles, for example, aren’t something you think about every day. But, seeing as you do use them every day (for breathing, etc…pretty key) maybe you should be paying them more attention.

If you ever suffer from unexpected leaks, back tension and pain or you’ve lost control of your bowels at any point, strengthening your pelvic muscle is the best way to help heal your body and, potentially, improve your quality of life.


Pull the Other One


I know, I know. We’ve all stretched before so why do we need a program dedicated to this activity? Because here are some stretches you probably aren’t aware that you need.

Aside from the basic stretches we’re all told about at full volume from our over-enthusiastic (or crazy) gym teachers in our youth, there are plenty of others that are important for deeper muscles that relate to our overall health.


Hyperbolic Stretching


As well as being the name of a type of stretch you might not be aware of, “Hyperbolic Stretching” is also the title of a new program specifically designed to change your life.

More specifically still, this program aims to increase your overall flexibility, relax your muscles and increase your strength all at the same time.

What makes this different from the usual stretches you can quickly Google is that they are designed in a way to trick your mind past it’s usual boundaries to allow your muscles to stretch way further than their usual capacity.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering who is the keeper of this great secret, so let me stop stretching the narrative and introduce him.


Alex Larsson


Is he a yoga guru who grew up stretching between mountain peaks in the Himalayas? Does his body have hypermobility or some other term that equally sounds like he has an extra edge when it comes to flexibility? Is he at all ordinary?

No, absolutely not and potentially… Let me explain.

Although Alex can now charge upwards of $450 per private training session, he wasn’t always a personal trainer.

Far from it, in fact.

Originally, Alex was a computer programmer who worked in an office and lived a fairly normal life by most people’s standards.

His life consisted of 12 hours shifts, with much of that time seated at a desk, and semi-regular trips to the gym in an attempt to keep him at least partially active.

I’m sure you can relate slightly, although hopefully you haven’t experienced what happened next.

After a particularly long day Alex went to get up from his chair and leave the office. Except that he found himself unable to move whatsoever.

Fast-forward to Alex lying in a hospital bed and here is a doctor leaning over explaining how he had suffered from a neuro muscular shutdown in his lower back, hips and thighs.

From this point on Alex made it his mission to study the human body and find a way to unlock the problems that many of us in the modern world face with similar ailments (hopefully, not many as bad as his!).

Now, you might have seen Alex performing the splits all over social media with a huge smile on his face.

How long did it take him to achieve this goal most of us assume only gymnasts can? A number of years and countless research studies, for sure!

However, now he’s put all his knowledge together in “Hyperbolic Stretching”, which promises that no matter where you think of yourself on a flexibility scale, you’ll be able to achieve the “splits of success” in no less than 4 weeks.

Sound like he’s pulling you leg? You’re right, except he’s pulling both of them and in opposite directions. According to his stats, over 90% of customers achieve the splits after a month of the course.

That’s a successful split test if you ask me.


A Flex You Can Be Proud of


Unlike most feats that just look impressive in a photo or sound good on paper, the progress you make with “Hyperbolic Stretching” is designed to transform you on the inside as well.

Shall we talk about your pelvis again? (Buy me a drink first) Well, it turns out that the muscles around your pelvic floor are crucial to helping you stretch past where you previously assumed your potential was.

By exercising these muscles at your core, Alex aims to increase your hormone levels (the right hormones) by allowing your muscles to produce a whopping 318% more muscle tissue totally naturally.

Even if we aren’t sure exactly what this means, what it translates to is a huge increase in strength that gives you much more control over your bladder and bowels.


I Can’t Stretch My Time For This


It sounds like a lot and a heck of a promise but Alex assures you that 8 minutes of stretching a day is all you need to get incredible results.

That’s all.


Flex of the Sex


Because Alex has gone so deep into his research, he has created not one, but two courses specifically designed around each of the sexes to cater for the differences in the bodies of men and women.


Female Flex


From the perspective of a woman, here is what you can expect as some benefits to the program:


  • Workouts that target your thighs and calves for extra toning
  • Rid yourself of bladder and bowel related problems that can be especially common after childbirth
  • Increased libido, knowledge on the anatomy of your vaginal muscles and how to exercise them for increased sexual pleasure


Male Flex


Dudes, here are your bro benefits:


  • Ability to do full splits even without warming up
  • Become the master of your own bladder
  • The potential for harder and longer erections (just in terms of time, don’t get too excited. Or do!)


How Does it Work?


Essentially, Alex has combined all his research into one amazing book that allows you to self-educate about your body. This means that you will understand exactly why Alex is getting you to stretch the way you are and the realistic results you can expect.

It includes your hyperbolic stretching routine with warm-ups, flexibility-specific strength routines, your beginner weeks 1-3 laid out step-by-step and the advanced hyperbolic stretching in week 4 to smash those flexibility goals.

After completing the short course Alex also includes information about how to maintain your newfound strength and flexibility so you can continue living a better life.


How far does your budget stretch? Times may be tough right now. Even when they aren’t, we all like to get good value for our money. So, how much of our hard-earned cash do we have to part with for these pearls of wisdom?

$27. (Plus a 60-day money back guarantee).

No joke, no beating around the bush and this isn’t a flexible price (can you believe it?).




For no addition cost on top of the $27 Alex charges, you also get three bonus e-books!

Mind Power Unleashed Handbook – This is where you learn about how your mind connects to your body and how you can reprogram it with techniques backed by science (legit) to improve all areas of your life.

Full Body Flexibility for Static Stretching and Dynamic Performance – Not just focused around your core, here are some exercises to upgrade the flexibility of your whole body.

8 Minute High Intensity Strength Program – For both men and women, this workout plan is based around HIIT training to be more effective than basic cardio at improving your health.


Reach for the Stars


Because this course is 100% natural, no pills, no machines, nothing but stretching, there are zero negative side effects. Aside from the normal “don’t push it if it hurts!” you’ll hopefully be able to follow the clear instructions all the way to full splits in just a month.

The positive side effects, however, include gaining strength, confidence, better posture, and all round improved performance in sports.


Don’t Overstretch


Nothing is perfect, although “Hyperbolic Stretching” comes close, and there are some things worth pointing out.

For those of us who like a physical copy of something to follow, whether that’s to take to the gym or the nearby park, unfortunately there isn’t that option with this program.

Although all the videos and instructions are clear, “Hyperbolic Stretching” is only available in an e-book format.

Also, if you have any existing injuries with your joints or tendons:




These exercises are designed to push your body and you can’t push it if it’s already broken. Make sure you talk to your doctor first before starting the program if you think you have any issues. *I am not a doctor, it just seems like a wise move.

Furthermore, not everyone’s body is that same and although you might expect to see results like many of the 80,000+ people Alex has already helped, you might not be able to do the splits in 4 weeks and could take you a little (or a lot) longer.




With the short and easy to follow nature of the program, even if you don’t end up being able to drop the splits in public whenever you want, “Hyperbolic Stretching” is definitely worth your investment for improved health and confidence that you rarely get for this price.

30th October 2020

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