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Donjoy Knee Braces Review

Knee pain can unfortunately develop in multiple ways such as sporting accidents, repetitive strain and age related problems such as osteoarthritis makes our knees stiff, painful and less mobile as time goes by.

Knee pain can be apparent when we are still but it is almost certainly always worse when we try and do something and move. This is because we have to place all of your weight through the knee.

Staying Active when having knee pain can pose a problem. Especially if you can’t stand being injured – the temptation to move and exercise will have you trying anything possible to keep moving.

Knee pain is a symptom that unfortunately we will all experience at some point in our lives – so we have to find a way to deal with it and also manage.

What’s the answer to this problem?

A knee support!

This can be the solution to your knee pain issues to help support your knee and for you to keep active and moving.

Disclaimer:  if you have knee pain as a result of an injury and you are unsure of the diagnosis then please go and see a physiotherapist for accurate diagnosis.

It is important that knee supports should not be used as a cure, seeking diagnosis, rehabilitation and a solution is the best way to manage knee pain.

This article will be revieiwing a top brand in the world of joint supports, Donjoy. Lets take a further look.


About Donjoy Knee Braces


Donjoy performance is a shoot off from the parent company known as Donjoy global. This was born specifically for sporting products.

The company was founded as DonJoy in 1978 by Mark Nordquist, who was the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive line captain, and a local lawyer called Ken Reed.

The company started out designing and producing simple supportive sleeves for all joints of the body which were sewn together from simple products.

As time has progressed, due to massive progression in medical research, development and exceptional technological innovation, Donjoy has grown to become a market leader in orthopaedics and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Donjoy know offer over one thousand medical devices that help people throughout the entire realm of care, injury prevention and also rehabilitation.

The DonJoy brand can be seen globally every day at the elite level of sports performance with bracing, compression, and protective solutions used on and off the field and also in the rehabilitation environment.


History of Knee Braces


Knee braces and supports are an important aspect of knee injury treatment and rehab. Having the ability perform all movements such as running, stopping, cutting and the ability to repeat that is crucial for a lot of exercises and sports.

This is a key reason why braces and supports are vital for allowing you to do this, especially if you do have a knee pain/ache/injury.

A big factor of successful recovery for active people of all experiences and levels, is the use of top grade braces and supports to accelerate and support the recovery process.

There hasn’t always been a knee support and brace if we look back in time. Using braces for the treatment or prevention of injury is more a modern day thing.

Dr. Robert F. McDavid Jr. invented a knee brace which aimed to reduce injury and prevent new injury, whilst also supporting exercise and movement. This was implemented back in 1967.

One of the first stories of a knee brace being used was the 1967-68 NFL season, in the grand final of the Superbowl. Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath famously wore a knee brace made by Jack Castiglia and notable doctor, Dr. James Nicholas. The brace helped Namath to be comfortable enough to play, despite suffering from knee injuries.

Knee braces have progressed a long way since the initial ones were produced. Donjoy knee supports are some of the most high quality knee braces available on the market.

Donjoy is a choice of top athletes but also the everyday athletes partaking in their favourite hobbies and day to day activities. The same level of quality used by the elite is available to everyone.


Donjoy Knee Braces and Supports


Donjoy offer a wide range of high quality knee support products. Here are a selection of 6 of the best products they offer.

It is important when choosing a knee support to choose it for the right reasons.

All knee supports are made differently to perform different tasks, hopefully this review can outline all the main points and what you should consider before buying:


Donjoy Webtech Lite Knee Support


This is probably the most eye catching and innovative knee support available on the market.

Donjoy state the main features of this knee support are that it uses silicone technology to help provide compression but also at the same time structural support and targeted pressure. The design aims to help absorb shock to the knee which is key when injured.

The design at the back of the knee has a cloth/elasticated back which helps the knee support to remain secure but also is extremely comfortable for when exercising.

If you have issues at the medial and lateral aspects of the knee then this knee support has advanced technology which uses its structure to help provide support. This knee support is adjustable using the satraps that sit above and below the knee.


Donjoy Performance Dual Pull Patella Stabiliser


This knee brace is designed with removable medial / lateral flexible supports. The Dual-Pull Patella Stabilizer helps to support the knee and manages Patellofemoral mal tracking which is when the kneecap has poor alignment or weakness. This brace can also help with the management of, Patellofemoral Syndrome (PFPS), Jumpers knee, Runner’s Knee and general Instability

If you require a patella stabilising knee support then this support is ideal. It has adjustable straps above and below the support with an open patella.

The sleeve is made from a 4 way stretch material which helps it to be mobile and aid the fit and comfort to your knee. This is also an added plus for when exercising as it helps it to remain secure and in place.

Patella problems are common in runners and this has an added bonus of a reflective materials which help to provide an added safety feature when running or even cycling on those darker nights.


Donjoy Webtech Knee Support


If you have patella tendon pain or anterior knee pain from conditions such as patella tendonitis or fat pad impingement, using a knee strap can help to relieve pressure from the patella tendon and improve your function.

Donjoy have created a knee strap which is made of silicon which allows for maximum comfort and protection of the patella tendon.

The comfort is this knee strap comes from the contoured lines and its specially designed fit. It has breathable material to help prevent it from becoming soaked. Again – due to patella issues being common in runners, the reflective design is an added visibility bonus for low light and dark running.


Trizone Knee Support


The DonJoy Performance Trizone Knee Sleeve combines compression and support in a unique, high quality hybrid design. The carbonized bamboo circular knit construct helps with compression in the necessary areas but also allows for the material to be breathable and prevent soaking during use.

There are 3 specific compression zones which include a zone which provides stability and support for the knee joint, this in turn helps to enhance proprioception.

There is also a compression zone which helps with recovery of soft tissues and also improving circulation to the muscles that surround the knee.

The 3rd area is a comfort zone that provides lighter compression which is designed to improve the fit of the sleeve and the comfort of the support.

The Trizone knee support designed to keep you moving through a variety of issues overuse injuries, strains, general soreness and tendonitis issues.

This support is a more comprehensive knee support which helps to not only support the knee but also provide compression to the thigh and calf regions.

It’s more comprehensive due to the nature in which it is constructed and the features it has. There are 3 different zones of compression around the knee which help to provide support and aid best performance. There is silicone added in to the structural support to provide a more robust mechanism for support.

The knee support is made from natural bamboo which is extremely efficient at regulating heat and keeping the leg cool. There is also inbuilt anti migration technology which helps the knee sleeve stop moving around when in use.

An interesting added bonus, is the stash pockets! Ideal if you are out exercising and need to keep keys, money or even a phone.


Donjoy Defender Knee Pads


This is a bit of specialist knee support – but also a very important one. It could be useful for many people, let’s take a look why.

This is the knee defender, and it is a sleeve design which features padding on the front aspect of the knee to help protect against pressure and also impact.

If you have an injury to the front of the knee and need to help reduce pain and improve your comfort in this region then this is ideal.

If you are looking to prevent injury to the front of the knee then this will be the best option for if looking for a knee support. Occupations like construction and also flooring would benefit from this due to spending periods of time kneeling on the floor and compressing the kneecap and structures that lie underneath it.

In exercise and sport, wrestling, grappling and combat sports are ideal examples of when this will be a useful brace. Impact and kneeling to the knee can cause impingement and bursitis type issues but protective measures such as these braces are a great way to help protect your knee health.

The knee support is a sleeve design which easily pulls on and off but is made of neoprene for a comfortable fit with breathable material.




That concludes our look at Donjoy knee supports and braces, we hope that there has been a good selection of products for you to look at. If you would like to see their full range of sports and exercise products, take a look online at their website:

If this blog has been useful and helpful – please share it with someone you know who may be in the market for a knee support.

Always remember that knee supports should be used alongside finding a solution to knee pain management with rehab that fits your lifestyle and demands of your activity.

If you are unsure of how to progress past your knee pain, go and see a physiotherapist who can specialise in assessment of your knee and provide you with a management plan.

24th May 2021

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