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Back To Life Review

Let’s not beat around the bush, you’re here because you have either experienced back pain at some point in your life or you are actually in physical pain right now reading this. Right?

You’re looking for a product or something, anything, that will help ease your pain or maybe even the pain of a loved one.

It’s a horrible feeling.

Back pain is one of the most debilitating ailments anyone can have and even mild pain is impossible to ignore.


Back To Life


If you’ve already looked and skimmed some reviews about Emily Lark’s program “Back To Life” you may have already seen a large amount of scathing reviews but in actual fact these comments are solely made about the presentation of her product.

It’s too long. It sound like a scripted sob story and nearly every person who has voluntarily left a review didn’t make it to the end of the presentation.

But that’s okay. Emily isn’t a professional salesperson and she doesn’t want to run for local election either.

She is, however, a yogi master and that means she could be worth paying attention to if you have back issues. (Actually, I think she would get a landslide amount of votes if she solved everyone’s back problems regardless of how her speeches went down).

But, that’s why you’re here, reading something that will actually give you an overview of the program to decide whether it’s worth it.


Back To Society


First, it’s worth taking a look at where we are as a society with back pain to understand why people like you and me need people like Emily to sort us out.

Unlike every large pharmaceutical company would have you believe, even though our bodies do naturally deteriorate as we get older and greyer (not always a bad thing, you silver fox), back pain is not just “part of the process”.

In fact, in human history, back pain is a relatively new problem.

Don’t believe me?

Maybe you should take a trip to some of the aboriginal tribes in the remote areas of the globe untouched by modern civilization. Why? Because they have next to no issues or problems with back pain.

“But they live in mud huts and sleep on straw! If I did that my back would be terrible for weeks!”

They do. And maybe that’s where we’re going wrong!


Every back, Every day


Activities we now do every day in society without thinking are actually contributing to giving us pain.

Sitting in your car. Texting on your phone. Sitting at a computer.

These are all tasks that we no longer think about but can badly affect your back by putting your body out of alignment.


Bad Accident, Bad Back


Okay, okay. Maybe you’ve got real back pain that is a result of a terrible accident and not just daily tasks (’m not saying the daily tasks aren’t important and we will come back to them!)

This is where you might empathise and connect with Emily. Or, if you were watching her presentation, shout at the screen and say she’s lying.

Again, I don’t think she is lying, it’s just unfortunate that the way it is scripted!

Anyway, about 5 minutes into the sales pitch Emily tells the story of how she herself was in a terrible car accident that left her in crippling pain and unable to move her back without crying out.

Following this she also gained 30 pounds and her quality of life plummeted.

Unfortunately, this story is more common than you would like to think.


Back To Some (Horrible) Numbers


Every year over 1.3 million people die in a road accident.

If you’re unlucky enough to have an accident but lucky enough to survive you could instead be among the 20 – 50 million people (yes, quite a range but even the lower end is a huge number) who suffer from non-fatal injuries that often result in long-term disabilities.

Furthermore, back strains or back problems of any kind are among the most common injuries from a car accident.

Even worse is the fact that over half the American work force says they have back pain issues and in the UK approximately 80% of people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.

These numbers are astronomical and heartbreaking. The surprising thing is that the majority of these cases come from just living our every day lives (see, I bet those daily tasks turned out to be more important than you thought!)

Maybe we could all use someone like Emily. I would argue that even a long-winded presentation is worth it if the product gives us the benefits of a mobile, pain-free back.


Back Off, It’s Not That Bad


With so many people living with back pain, surely most of us have got used to it by now and the rest should just grow a backbone (pun intended) and grin and bear it. It’s just a little pain, right?

Enter, again, your new favorite back expert Emily.

When your body is frequently out of alignment this leads to poor spinal health and in most prolonged cases then leads to sciatica.

This refers to the sciatic nerve that runs down your lower back and your legs. A common cause of sciatica that you might have heard of is a slipped disc. This is where some of the tissue between the bones in your spin literally “slips” out of position, 9 times out of 10, due to misalignment.

Sounds painful. But it gets worse.

Sciatica results in inflammation, pain and numbness that can stretch down your back, buttocks, hips and leg. From here you develop trouble with balance, your reflexes and even lose control of your bowl and bladder function.

Still think back pain can be ignored?

Alright, this is starting to get just as long-winded as Emily’s video presentation is isn’t it? But that’s just because understanding why back pain should not be ignored and why if you have it you should treat it is important!

Okay, onwards.


Back To It


As I mentioned earlier, Emily began the journey to Back To Life when she found herself in crippling back pain and struggling to find the will to carry on. Now, she is a certified personal trainer, palates instructor, group instructor, she is specialises in the study of pain, kinesiology (the science behind how we move as humans) and is a yogi master.

If you were taking instruction on how to eradicate back pain would you rather take advice from Emily or the pharmacist hunched over his desk holding a bottle of pills?

Let’s dive into the course itself.


Back To Life


The program itself is made largely of simple yoga moves aimed at relaxing strained muscles to increase your back’s mobility with gentle turns, twists and bends.

Sounds just like a yoga practice, doesn’t it? Not exactly.


Back To Life is designed with just back specific movements the promise to restore your spinal health and repair damaged cells and you also get a lot of extras thrown in.


The Backbone of the Course


Back To Life gives you a 3-phase program “to unlock the body’s natural alignment and vitality”.

This comes in the form of video demonstrations of the moves that help to strengthen your core muscles that support the spine.

All “workouts” are just 10 minutes long, however there is no limit to how many times you can do them in a day. The advice is to do what feels comfortable.

Phase 1 – simple exercises that can be done while sitting in a chair. Emily recommends sticking with this phase until you are ready for the next phase.

Phase 2 – Involves sitting on the floor with similar exercises to deepen stretches and strength.

Phase 3 – Again, floor based work that increases in complexity and difficulty of moves.

As the course isn’t structured in a rigid week-by-week progress the development and progression through the phases relies solely on your stamina for the exercises.

This could be seen as a lazy approach but I would argue that, in fact, this allows for a more personalised approach to the course, even though Emily isn’t in the room with you.


Backup Extras


Along with the core exercises, Emily gives you two bonuses for no extra cost:

The Back To Life Full Colour Companion Manual – Essentially a travel guide that is easy to take with you and includes picture versions and descriptions of all the exercises you get with the main program. So you can continue your rehab on holiday. Lovely.

The Healthy Back Checklist – A more holistic view of back treatment that includes dietary recommendations, advice on footwear and sleeping positions all aimed to keep your back in alignment throughout your day (and life!) to prevent pain and stiffness wherever possible.


Back to Back (With Other Programs)


Other programs or treatments for back pain often rely on wordy and scientific mumbo-jumbo to make you think that your problem is serious and you need a specialist treatment.

In some cases this could be right. But if your back pain hasn’t been chronic for a prolonged period of time (and even if it has) then don’t let the simplicity of the Back To Life program put you off.

Other products are often much more time consuming, only target the symptoms of your pain rather than the root cause and thus provide only temporary relief.

What Emily seems to have created here is more of a lifestyle change that gives you the opportunity to be in control and help yourself instead of filling the pockets of already rich businesses and helping them get richer from your pain.


Back Me Up Here


On that note, putting your finger on the price of such a simple yet effective product could be difficult.

Testimonials for Back To Life include people who previously had trouble getting out of their chair and walking to being pain free for over a year after a minimal amount of sessions.

Others have paid for physical therapy and chiropractic sessions for years to no avail, where Emily stepped in and allowed them to once again be able to play with their grandchildren totally pain free.

“She knows exactly what to do to make the pain go away!”

Compared to previous treatments you or others you know may have tried when it comes to solving back issues, $37 barely touches to sides. And yet, this is all Emily is charging for her course.

On top of this, you have a 60 day money back guarantee that means you won’t even be out of pocket if it doesn’t help.

For this relatively small price, it could be well worth taking a punt if you want the benefits of:

  • A return to your body’s natural alignment
  • A release of stress and tension
  • An active lifestyle again
  • More serotonin (the happy hormone) that is suppressed with chronic back pain


Back To Life (really!)


With the money back guarantee, Emily’s course has zero financial downside. As with most things in life, you can’t please everyone and there seem to be no shortage of people saying that Back To Life is a waste of time and money for simple yoga poses anyone could do.

On the other hand, there seem to also be no shortage of people that Emily has helped (over 150,000 to be exact) and if for some reason you don’t fall into this category you won’t be any worse for ware.

Although the moves are simple I would imagine that without an instructor physically in the room with you, there is potential to do more damage by incorrectly doing the exercises.

However, millions of people do yoga at home every day, and the majority has nothing but praise for the exercise.

The conclusion? It’s your call.

If you want less back pain it’s certainly worth a shot!

5th December 2020

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