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What I Have in Common With Andy Murray!

18th December 2020

Hi there, Art here, and welcome to my Blog!

Do you remember my Vlog where I mentioned Usain Bolt?

Well last week I just happened to mention to a patient that we (the patient and I) had something in common? What is that? my patient replied. I said that we shared the same birthday the 21 August, I was gobsmacked! when she replied that we share the same birthday date with Usain Bolt! They say lightening never strikes twice I am not making this up honestly 😀. I later heard, unfortunately that Usain had tested positive to COVID-19 19 back in August a few days after his birthday party. I am sure he made a full recovery because I have not heard anything since.

I must confess though there are a few decades between Mr Bolt & myself 😊

The next person or persons that I have something in common with is Andy Murray and Sir Tom Moore.

The three of us have had a hip operation. A few years ago, I had a total hip replacement I believe Sir Tom Moore also had a hip replacement. Whereas Andy Murray had a Birmingham resurfacing hip operation. The difference between a total hip operation and a resurfacing hip operation is this

My total hip replacement T.H.R. has a metal prosthesis down the shaft of the femur on which they attach a ceramic head (the ball aspect) of the hip and the cup part is ground out and replaced with a plastic or silicone cup. So, there are three different elements to my hip replacement which requires the surgical removal of the ball part of the hip, the metal prosthesis which is forced down the shaft of the femur and the attachment of the plastic cup this is a T.H.R.

The Birmingham resurfacing hip operation that Andy Murray had requires the ball and cup aspects of the hip to be ground or resurfaced then a metal cap and metal cup are attached to the surfaces then the hip is relocated. This operation is normally performed on people below the age of 50 and are deemed to be more active. It is also less traumatic therefore reducing some of the post-operative complications that might be had with a total hip replacement.

How is everybody doing with the balance challenges did you find the first one more difficult than the second? It could be that your balance has, improved?

As we get older our balance does deteriorate, as does our muscle strength so it is important to keep active and keep practicing those balancing exercises daily or often as you can. Practicing the balance exercises will help reduce the risk of falls and possibly broken bones.

Let us move onto our next balance challenge!


Balance challenge No3: The Tight Rope or Straight-Line Challenge!


In standing feet together.

Take one step forward with the right foot or the left foot, which ever you fancy.

Place the heel of the foot against the toe of the other foot (step one)

Repeat the steps until you reach ten, without losing your balance.


Stepping backwards repeat the challenge placing the toe against the heel of the opposite foot for ten paces. That is it finished! or repeat it for a second time if you wish.

It is rumoured that the police used this balance test on drivers that they believed had been drinking! I think nowadays the police use breathalysers.




I will remind you of these difficult conditions or problems that I have found difficult to treat and treat successfully. Some of you will have had one of these and some of you unfortunately will develop one because they are also common. Low back pain, Frozen shoulder, Plantar Fasciitis, Patellofemoral pain, Tennis and Golfers elbow.

Over the weeks I will explain what goes on, giving you my self-help hints and tips to ease that pain and get you back to your optimum health and fitness.

Remember stay safe, be well see you again soon!

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