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Try This Lumbar Roll Trick For Back Pain!

15th May 2021

Hi there Art, here welcome to my Vlog!


What do I have for you today?


Sitting for too long can cause you back pain. A Lumbar roll is what you need! A Lumbar roll helps because it supports your lower back called the Lumbar spine.  Prolonged sitting should be avoided on a regular basis. I do not mean the odd hour here and there or the couple of hours watching TV or film no! the back can cope with that. This is hours and hours of sitting in that same relaxed slumping posture we adapt to when sitting and resting.


How can this happen?


Sitting in an upright position is how we should sit, but we do not!

What happens is we slump in the sitting position because it requires less effort.

Its lazy and we all do it however if you sit for hours and hours in a slumped position something will give.

I do not mean break what I mean is strain constant stretching of those back muscles, tendons & ligaments. The longer there stretched the more sitting we do the longer it takes for the aches and pains to go away. And whilst you are doing that the core stability muscles at the stomach side go to sleep stop working become inefficient become weak a double whammy!


What can you do to stop this happening?


It’s simple follow ATLPhysio’s advice.

Sit upright not all the time in short periods, sit up and relax sit up and relax.

Do some back exercises like on my Vlog?

Here are the first 3!  Starting position, back lying, knees bent, feet on the floor, 1) Knee roll side to side. 2) Single knee to the chest. 3) Hip raises all x 10 repetitions.

Get your core stability muscles working.

Get a lumbar roll or a rolled-up towel it does the same job for less cash! That’s ATLphysio sound advice.

Keep a lookout on our web site for our back exercise class and core stability muscle training.

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