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Rounded Shoulders In The Office?

8th May 2021

Hi there, Art here, welcome to my blog!

What do I have for you today?

Rounded shoulders are commonly caused by poor posture, bad habits, exercises that focus on the muscles around the shoulders at the front of the chest. Muscle imbalances where the muscles at the front of the shoulders and chest develop quicker and stronger than the muscles at the back of your shoulders.


The Shoulder Girdle


The bones that make up the shoulder girdle are the clavicle, scapular and humorous. The scapula, more commonly known as the shoulder blade can move upwards, downwards, inwards, and outwards as in rotation, forwards and backwards. In the shoulder girdle the forwards and backwards movement is known as retraction and protraction and lifting the shoulders upward and downwards is known as elevation (up) and depression (down). The shoulder blade is held on the back of the body against the rib cage by muscles alone and the outer part of the scapula forms the shoulder joint with the humerus and clavicle.


Group action of muscles


What is the group action of muscles? Muscles work in groups never does one muscle produce movement by itself and one muscle never works in isolation!

Muscles work in groups to perform all your movements of the body. So, we must look at what muscles are responsible for these movements so we can go about selecting the best exercises to assist in preventing those rounded shoulders.


What muscles can cause you to have rounded shoulders?


There are lots of muscles that work in creating more than one movement whether it be in a prime movement or a secondary movement.

The larger muscles are the ones that are the prime movers and the prime movers responsible for protraction of the shoulders which are probably responsible for those round shoulders are Pectoralis Major and Minor Anterior Deltoid and Serratus Anterior.


What muscles should I exercise?


Muscles that are responsible for retraction of the shoulders are Trapezius, Rhomboids and Latissimus Dorsi. Remember muscles do not work in isolation so it is always good to have two or three exercises at hand. It is also recommended to make sure to stretch those tight muscles at the front of your chest and shoulders.


Poor Posture


Bad habits and poor posture can create muscle tightness and muscle tension which may lead to neck pain headaches back and shoulder aches and pains. In the office make sure you are not hunched over your desk and computer. Remember bad habits and poor posture happens over a period so it is especially important to get your workstation correct as soon as possible. Develop good habits and put stickers around to remind you of sitting upright, chair and computer screen at the right height, stretch those muscles out, keep your head up. Take breaks away from the desk if you feel tension in the shoulders, neck or back.


Best exercises to help your posture?


Good habits over time can help you and stop you ending up with round shoulders.

Shoulder stretches –  see my Vlog video.

Sitting upright and then pull your shoulders back, squeeze those shoulder blades together and hold them together for 5 seconds. Just a few each day will help you.

That is all for now stay well and stay safe.

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