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Reflecting on Hamstring Pulls

18th December 2020

Hi there, Art here at ATL Physio. Welcome to my Blog!


I have been a physiotherapist for the past 30 years working in Outpatients Department.

But being a physiotherapist was not my first ambition my first ambition was to be an engineer, so I joined the forces and in doing so I was introduced to a game called water polo.

I become quite good and became a national champion with several County championship under my belt.

After approximately 10 years I wanted something a bit more individualistic, so I took up squash and I became quite good at that too as a County player and Masters County champion. Talking about squash got me thinking about

A friend!


A baton twirler and a famous athlete and that famous athlete was none other than Mr Usain Bolt!




My friend phone me up and said Art I have pulled a hamstring yesterday don’t worry he says I’ve been doing all the right things I’ve been icing it and stretching it.

Do not stretch those hamstrings for at least another two maybe 3 days, so my friend said why?

Because if you stretch them too soon you may cause more bleed and that does not aid to your recovery.

Rest them and ice them for three maybe four days give those hamstrings time to heal before you start stretching them.




The GP he came into clinic limping and he pulled a hamstring at the school athletics, now The GP was 30 years of age so I knew he was not at school so he must have competed in the 100 metres dash for the dads. So, I asked if he has been icing it taking his painkillers and is anti inflammatories and I was surprised with his answer because he said, no should I? I said yes you should. So, I sent him away and told him not to stretch those hamstrings for at least another two to three days to take his painkillers and anti inflammatories apply ice for 20 minutes every three to four hours then you can start doing some gentle stretches and hamstring exercises. He phoned me up a few weeks later and thanked me for my advice and that he was walking pain free walking can be painful in the early stages of a pulled hamstring striding out is even more painful and if you are running and pull a hamstring it tends to send you crashing to the floor in pain.




The baton twirler female 16 years of age Great Britain Champion came into clinic she had pulled a hamstring about four or five weeks previous she was back to training and was pain free. I ask how she had pulled a hamstring and she said she was doing an illusion. You can Google an illusion if you wish but basically one foot remains on the ground on the other leg goes over the top like a cartwheel and the baton twirler does a half twist. Its not that basic a move it requires lots of practice flexibility coordination strength and timing.




Mr Usain Bolt was competing in a relay event and 60 metres down the home straight he pulled a hamstring and fell to the floor as many other athletes and sportsmen do when in full flight as I mentioned before you just cannot continue running if you pull a hamstring it is incredibly painful.

So! Do not stretch those hamstrings for at least three to four days give them time to heal and then start stretching.




This is your 10 second balancing test! In a standing position, put your feet together and stand up straight, then place your hands and arms by your side and press them lightly into your side with your fingers pointing down to the floor.

Keeping one foot on the floor take your other foot off the floor bending the knee backwards pressing your knees together at the same time.

Once your foot leaves the floor you must remain still, motionless! Then start counting to ten! If a hand or arm moves away from your side or you lose your balance the 10 seconds stops!

How far did you get? Did you do it, did you get to 10? If you did that’s great 😀!


So now I want you to do the same 10 second balance test on the other foot!


Get your kids to do it, get your partner, wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend to do it!

Get them to count your 10 seconds! Get them to time you with a stopwatch!

Make it a 10 second challenge or raise the stakes, make it 20 seconds or even 30!

But you only get one go at the challenge daily!

Next week is balance challenge number two! Do not miss out!


Remember stay safe, best wishes see you again soon!

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